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Cass Technical High School

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126 reviews of this school

Cass Technical High School 5155912 5

Posted June 05, 2013
- a student
I love my alma mater. I learned a great deal and became a better citizen as a result of my education there. Just like any other inner city school, Cass Tech has its challenges to deal with a struggling

Cass Technical High School 4828234 1

Posted May 16, 2013
- a student
Completely horrible. Definitely doesn't live up to the name it has. In fact, I have absolutely no idea how it can be ranked as a top school in DPS. It is about as worse as most of the other schools. If I had the choice to go back to my freshman year and pick a different school, Cass would certainly not be my choice.

Cass Technical High School 4592134 5

Posted March 17, 2013
- a community member
I graduated from Cass Tech in 1949. I was a Home Economics major. I also took pre-med classes such as chemistry & biology. It was an excellent school. I would recommend to any young person that has a goal in life for a particular career.

Cass Technical High School 5025612 2

Posted January 24, 2013
- a community member
As an alumnus of Cass Tech, I am gravely disappointed in the fact that I recently went to the school's website (after bragging about the long-standing college prepatory focus of the school) to find an "ACADEMIC" model, or "ACADEMIC" offerings (courses), anything related to "ACADEMIC" tracks, etc. I wanted to show a colleague of mine (In the Educational arena) just what was SO SPECIAL about "MY" High School. The site for: Cass Tech (as of today January 24, 2013) is a JOKE! What about the academics, the curriculum tracks, concurrent enrollment (can you get college credit for courses taken at Cass), AP (Advanced Placement) offerings....criteria for getting in? I SUGGEST (DPS & CT Admin): Stop relying on HISTORY(THE PAST) to validate Cass. There's nothing special about Cass (anymore); at least you can't tell from the site. It's the same as Redford, Mumford (and THEY ARE GONE). ACADEMICS, ACADEMICS...Who cares about Sports - they're nice, they're needed, they serve a purpose, BUT - I would ONLY send my student to Cass, or recommend someone sending their child to Cass - IF I could SHOW & PROVE by way of their website-at least! FOCUS PEOPLE!!! CassTech, MBA, M.S., M.Ed. 1986

Cass Technical High School 4996627 2

Posted December 17, 2012
- a community member
This schools administrative staff is very rude. I've called the school on a few occasions just to ask general questions. Each encounter has always been very rude, and I was rushed off of the phone as if my questions weren't of their concerns to receive an answer. Which ever administrative member I talked over me as I tried to ask questions and as I told her excuse me "there is no need to be rude as I am talking to u in a very calm and civilized way" she responded "ANYWAY have a nice holiday!" and hung up on me. Never did I raise my voice or say anything equally rude. I was just asking a general question. I was more than disappointed in the service that I received. I am a 25 year old sibling of a younger sister who attends this school. Is this how all of the staff conducts themselves I wonder? Very sad. My sister also does not have school books to take home for certain courses. And has told me that her counselor is very rude and unhelpful when she sees her for academic advice.

Cass Technical High School 4955322 1

Posted October 20, 2012
- a parent
Cass is not all that I was lead to believe it was. 6 weeks into the new school year of 2012 no books for several classes. classes that did have books they were old and worn. Ms. Lisa Phillips is not accessible and does not follow through with contacting parents. All this hype about the children getting netbooks is a joke. Cass is not preparing these students for college. As a parent, my advice to you if you are sending your son/daughter to Cass, you better be on top of your game. Only thing DPS seems to be concerned about is count day. The attendance system they have marks students absent and tardy even if they are sitting the classroom every day. The guidance counselors are joke. They are never available to the students and the students rely on them to give them advice for completing their high school requirements. The only person you will see in their office is the secretary, who should be getting paid their salary, because they do their jobs. I took my son out of the school after being there 6 weeks and I saw no spark in him the teachers or staff. He is now attending school in the city Warren, where I know they care about educating the children and not the numbers.

Cass Technical High School 4835769 5

Posted June 27, 2012
- a community member
Cass Tech continues to be the best school in Detroit. Top notch faculty and technology. There is always a great feeling when I walk into the building. I am a proud alumni of this school and I highly recommend this school to any parent who wants the BEST for their child.

Cass Technical High School 4788877 5

Posted April 25, 2012
- a parent
Cass Tech has excellent students, faculty, staff, history, activities, alumni, and above all, placement rate in to college. It is indeed, an outstanding institution and will serve the advanced student well. It is a large school and, as such, it does prepare students for university life. It is well worth your consideration if your child wants to be successful in collegiate studies

Cass Technical High School 4696803 5

Posted December 14, 2011
- a student
Cass Tech is an amazing school. The environment is welcoming curriculum is rigorous and the administrators are awesome. I've been attending cass for three years now; I will be a senior this upcoming September. I love my school in spite of the minor issues that may occur which are typically due to mishaps of the School District not the school. Oppurtunies are endles and our alumni association is the best I've ever been exposed to. Everywhere I go I run into a former technician; I love it! I love the diversity, support, opportunity, connections, educations, required-effort etc. Cass tech is a lovely school, in June I will be one of the proud alumnies creating opportunities for my future technicians. One of the greatest thing about Cass (other than it's affiliation with different colleges) is the fact that many of its alumnies returns to work with or at Cass for the benefit of the students! :-)

Cass Technical High School 4663134 1

Posted October 24, 2011
- a student
I currently attend Cass tech and i honestly can say i am sad with the results so it has approx. 8weeks we have been in school, i am no satisfied. For Cass to be such a"AWESOME" school as many others say its not. You have these ragedy books, which you can barely read the lesson or whatever. Also, teachers that don;t do their job: some actually do teach and thats good but you have the ones who sit on their butt and do NOTHING!! Its not organized it took about 3 weeks just to get our schedules correct. Then this 5min transition time REALLY? if you have 2-4 sets of stair that leads nowhere and then 2-4 that do kids are bum rushing hallways ITS RIDICULOUS !!!! --And i really like Cass Tech but i need to something better my uncle, brother, mother and etc, graduated from there...but as the years go by its getting worse. I believe that is Cass didn't have so many studnets it would be easier, I mean Guidance dont Really speak to their students they have 460 student each.. All im saying is parents will have to stay on student's techer's head because teachers slack more than the students... Peace Lopve and Happiness <3 <3 :)

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Cass Technical High School
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