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The Michigan School Accountability Scorecard is the state's school accountability rating. Ratings are based on test scores, student academic growth, graduation rates, attendance rates, educator evaluations, and compliance with state law. The Michigan School Accountability Scorecard uses a five-color coded system (Green, Lime, Yellow, Orange, and Red) to indicate the performance of schools. Green is highest and indicates that most of the goals were met for a school, while red is lowest and indicates that few objectives were met at a school.

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Facts (and fiction) about school test scores

They're never the whole story, but test scores do offer important information about a school. If you know how to dig deeper.

College readiness

AP courses and testing

  This school
Students taking AP courses 0%
Source: See notes

Where 2011-2012 graduates go after high school

  Percent of students State average
Attending a 4-year institution 11% 37%
Attending a 2-year institution 28% 24%
Attending any higher learning institution 40% 61%
Source: See notes

Graduates starting college

  This school State average
Graduates who need remediation, or help strengthening basic skills 71% 28%
Students who complete the 1st year of college (24 credits) on time 8% 31%
Source: See notes


AP courses and testing Civil Rights Data Collection, 2011-2012
Where 2011-2012 graduates go after high school Excellent Schools Detroit, 2012-2013
Graduates starting college Excellent Schools Detroit, 2012-2013