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Detroit, MI
Students enrolled: 110
Before care: No
After care: No

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1100 Saint Aubin St
Detroit, MI 48207

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(313) 259-6722
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Develops honesty: Strongly agree
June 08, 2015
The school is founded on Quaker values some of which are honest, integrity, leadership, community and these values are spoken about and reflected upon daily.

- submitted by a parent

June 08, 2015
Despite the appearance of the school and the financial hardships faced the school has a string spirit of community which you can not find anywhere else. Top notch student centered education based in my child's needs, learning style and behaviors. The most dedicated teachers and staff. Wonderful parent support. Quaker values allow the students to express their uniqueness while respecting each other's differences. Wide range in diversity of race, religion and family structure but similar feeling about being a part of your child's education and your child's friends. The spirit of the school is so strong, come and spend a day seeing the children of all grades working together to learn. It's amazing, I can not imagine sending my children anywhere else despite all the recent challenges. Come visit us, get direct and honest answers from the school rather then rumors heard on the Internet.

- submitted by a parent

June 11, 2014
Today marks the end of our first year at Friends. I'm so glad we chose FSD! All three of our kids LOVE going to school. FSD has an amazing community of parents; while our kids were meeting and making new friends so were we! I'm glad we came to see for ourselves just what FSD has to offer after years of public schooling. The teachers are outstanding. The small class sizes are very similar to homeschool co-ops, allowing teachers to get to know the students and students get the attention they need and deserve--from gifted students needing extra challenge and enrichment to students needing additional support. The Quaker values make this the ONLY school of its kind in MI and a gem in the city. Parents are always welcome and there are lots of grandparents as well. I wish they would add a high school, but I love the fact that it's K-8. I think the tuition deters people from applying but there is a financial aid program. FSD offers: diversity, Quaker values, drama, art, foreign language, music, small classes and a genuine community of folks from Detroit and surrounding suburbs. Glad to be in the FSD family!

- submitted by a parent

April 17, 2014
I have a second grader in the Friends School who has loved her school experience since her first day in Kindergarten. My husband and I selected Friends after investigating several public, private and charter schools in the Detroit and beyond. We were clear that my daughter's education should include a diverse ethnic population and exceptional academics within a nurturing environment. The Friends School provides a well rounded experience within a framework of sound Quaker values. Values such as equality, empathy and kindness are interwoven into the curriculum and practiced in daily interactions. Children are treated with respect and learn to treat others likewise. Most importantly, the kids have a great time together. they're not just classmates; their each other best friends! The parents are very active in the school activities and keep things humming. We love our school

- submitted by a parent

November 22, 2013
I don't think it gets any better than Friends School in Detroit. After a couple of years of unavoidable absence, we are happy to be back at home at Friends. This is an awesome school that embraces diversity in every way, encourages critical thinking and real learning in every area, and purposely maintains small intimate class sizes. Teachers have high expectations and push students to excel but are more than willing to work quite extensively with children in need of extra help. The principal and teachers are highly responsive and caring. The fine arts program is comparable to what one would expect from a much more expensive private school. The school also believes in real world exposure. Already this year my daughter's class has traveled to horse stables and the symphony and will be visited soon by a long time senator. The school is not fancy - but it is family and you will know it from the moment you walk in the door. To top it all off, children are immersed daily in the overarching values of peace, love, and social justice.

- submitted by a parent

September 24, 2013
My child has been a student at Friendsi for 4 years and without a doubt I can say this is an EXCELLENT school. The school has a warm, nuturing and caring environment which focuses on the Quaker values. It is a great learning environment where each teacher has a vested interest in each childs education. The small class sizes is a definite plus which allows the teachers to ensure all of the students are at the same level.

- submitted by a parent

September 17, 2013
(Part II) We were both education in parochial school K-12, hold 4 degrees between us and both work in higher education, so we have very high academic standards. But equally, if not more important is the well-being of the whole child--which no public school can provide. Diversity and inclusion (race, socio-economic, etc.), academic excellence and small class sizes at an affordable price. You will not find a school like this anywhere else in Michigan. The community is tight knit and reside in the city and surrounding suburbs. Students get a holistic education--not just drills, regurgitation and memorization. Add to that an excellent drama, arts, foreign language, human rights, community service and a music program. We've seen school buildings with vaulted ceilings and restrooms in every classroom, but nothing of value occurring in them. There's nothing fancy about Friends--no gimmicks, just genuine folks who love kids. Teachers are approachable and hold degrees to teach their content area but are not bound by the MEAP and "common" core. The best decision we've made. Tired of supplementing at home? Tired of paying for tutoring and commercial "enrichment?" Come to Friends.

- submitted by a parent

September 17, 2013
(Part I) We are new to Friends this year. Like many folks who were born & raised in Detroit, we left a decade ago in search of good schools. 4 elementaries and 3 school districts later, we are back. It took us two years to finally make the decsiont to send all three of our kids. If you are noticing your very bright kids are becoming better test takers than problem solvers; if you long for academic challenge without competition; if you want to provide more than a drop-off-pick-up-assembly-line-one-size-fits-the-middle education for your child(ren); if you value Quaker principles--Friends might be the right fit for you. We researched public and private schools ad nauseum before making the decision. The director of admissions/interim headmistress assisted us with the financial aid process and cared more about our family joining the community at Friends than adding a family of three to the tuition roster. Parents from a variety of professions-- lawyers, doctors, artists, musicians, engineers and homemakers. Just a wonderful community! Students LOVE to be at school and rarely want to leave. We feel relieved that our kids are safe and sound and in the company of Friends.

- submitted by a parent

September 01, 2013
Friends School is the best private school in Detroit because of the small class sizes, the experience of its teachers, and the quality of the students enrolled. The parents are wonderful. Friends has an amazing arts and music department.

- submitted by a teacher

January 03, 2013
My family is new to Detroit, having moved from the West coast. My daughter was always top of her class at her schools back home, rarely challenged, and often bored. Their solution to this was to move her up a grade... After being at Friends School for the second year, she has learned so much is completely challenged, never bored, and now studies for those A's! The teachers are amazing! They engage every student, making each and every one of them feel important, always eager to help and even more incredible; they are always reachable. It is like family at Friends! Having Quaker values is such a wonderful thing. You will find nothing but care, love, kindness and empathy at this school. It all begins from the first step through those doors, meeting the kind admissions director, touring the school, and having that welcoming interview with the Headmaster. We were impressed from day ONE! We live listening to our daughter talk about school each and every day- about how much she loves it & seeing how not only she, but each & every student love it so much they never want to leave! How many middle school students do that? Friends is the happiest place for learning in Detroit!

- submitted by a parent

January 03, 2013
My kids love it here at Friends. We lived in downtown Detroit when we first enrolled our kids. Now we are almost an hour away and still chose to send our boys here. They would not be happy anywhere else. Our eldest son had a reading challenge when he started 3 years ago. Now he is reading 2 years above his grade level! All thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff at Friends for taking the time to attend to our son's needs. I recommend this school to any parent that needs to know their child is safe, secure -and learning beyond comprehension!! Visit Friends and see for yourself! Your children can have a 2 day visit at the school, what better way to know!

- submitted by a parent

December 20, 2012
What an amazing place! After my son was at Friends for 1 year, his reading comprehension seemed to double. The teachers, parents, and adminstration seem to really love the kids they teach. I couldn't be happier. The Quaker system is truly all it is made out to be. This why Obama sends his girls to their sister school in DC.

- submitted by a parent

December 12, 2012
Best Pre-K though 8th grade school in the city! Hands down! Is it perfect? No, but what school is? This school gave my wife and I amazing tuition assistance because they wanted our daughter. They worked with is and I will be forever greatful. The teachers are mission focussed. They are very well educated at some of the best institutions in the nation and have real world experience. They email us when our child is doing well and when she is not. The communication continues to improve and for that we can stay on top of her grades and social development. The curriculum is challenging, but not busy work driven, They assign homework that our daughter actually retains. We have discussions about her Human Rights and Community Service classes every night at the dinner table. I have never seen anything like this. She is only in Middel School and she is aware of what is happening in the world. Moreover, this school is an amazing place, If you live in the City of Detroit you definitely should send your child here. There are also no room for bullies here. The Quaker value system don't allow for it.99% of the time the student changes their behavior. 1% leave because they can't change.

- submitted by a parent

December 09, 2012
As the current co-Clerk of the Board and a board member for the last seven years, I have always been impressed with the way the faculty, staff, head of school and all the children live out the Quaker values of peace, integrity, simplicity, community and equality. The atmosphere of friendship and warmth is evident the moment you walk in the door. Children greet you unselfconsciously, without prompting by adults. There is order without regimentation, nonviolent conflict resolution without shaming, and encouragement of each child to be him or herself while aspiring to the highest scholastic goals. Children make strong friendships across ethnic and racial lines -- something rarely seen in other schools, especially as children approach middle school age. The dedication and loyalty of the faculty to the school is amazing. The Quaker commitment to equality means that we strive to keep tuition low and offer financial support to those who need it. The school is ideally located five minutes away from downtown Detroit, where commuters to the newly revitalized business community can easily drop off their children be right nearby. Come and visit the school!

- submitted by a community member

October 02, 2012
My son is very bright but very dyslexic and this is the FIRST school that has ever recognised his other strong talents and found a way to work with him that does not discourage but rather enriches him. You might also find it interesting that we have been to some of the finest schools in Europe and Asia and he has NEVER been as happy as he is currently. I am confident he is receiving a first rate education that is also eclictic and compassionate. I am confused when I read the review about the Headmaster being rude, unqualified and uncommunicative. Firstly, he was a minister for many years and he truly has the heart of each student in his consciousness. He is also friendly and clearly articulate. Friends is a school in a deprived area that reaches out to its local community and creates miracles on a very small budget. My experience of Friends School is that it is nurturing and inspiring and focuses on peace and understanding between all beings, both globally and locally. I t is not lightly that I give such a high recommendation, nor am I easy to please, being both in Education and Psychology myself.

- submitted by a parent

April 01, 2012
It is a shame that this school, with so much potential, has continued its decline. My fingers are crossed that it will improve, for the good of the community that is serves, but my child will no longer be there to experience it, if it does.

- submitted by a parent

December 21, 2011
A very good school! We are very pleased with our children's educational, personal, and moral experiences at Friends. They came from a very solid school, so our bar was set pretty high in terms of expectations. I can say that Friends has met or exceeded most of these. However, I would like to see improvements to the building and more tuition relief. Obviously the school suffered with enrollment with the shaky economy in the past few years. There was a transitional period with the administrative staff and certain teachers retiring which was a little rough, but all these things are easy fixes. I really appreciate how the school has rebounded. It's the intangibles Friends has that you can't get everywhere. For example, Its administration actually listens to your concerns and tries to address them to the best of their ability. It is a great environment for my children and I love the family themes. It is exciting to see my children actually amped up to go to school and eager to do homework! I credit all of that to Friends!

- submitted by a parent

December 11, 2011
In the three years that my child has attended this school, it has gone downhill. The administration in incompetent and unprofessional. The headmaster in unqualified - he is rude and does not speak to anyone. The quality of teaching has declined as well; and as a result my child willl not be attending next year. If you are looking for a private school for your child to attend in the Detroit area; do not waste your money on Friends.

- submitted by a parent

September 27, 2009
My children love going to Friends School. They feel that they are part of one big family. All of the faculty and staff care about them. After Friends, they went on to the very best schools. They were very weel prepared academically

- submitted by a parent

April 11, 2009
I attended Friends School from Kindergarten through 8th grade, and my older brother went there for 9 years before me. I saw a lot change around the school in the long time that I've been around. I love atmosphere at Friends. I think that it's very rare to be able to say that you literally know every single person at your school, their name, and most of their parents. Friends is definitely a unique environment, which absolutely helped me exceed and get into a good high school. I talk to a lot of my friends from other schools, and they don't feel the same way about their elementary schools. Friends made such a lasting impression, that on days that I have off, I still come back and visit, hang out with my old teachers, and go to art and drama classes. Friends School molded me into the person I am today.

- submitted by a student
no rating
July 14, 2008
I Attended Friends school From 3rd to 7th grade...Although I am Curently not there because our family decided to move..I Am going to miss all of my Teachers!!when I first entered middle school i was so happy..Every year the middle school students go on a camping trip to Camp Copneconic. Its a really fun camp..

- submitted by a student

August 10, 2007
My child has attended this school for three years now. He loves all of his teachers and has thrived both academically and socially. We really appreciate the diversity, the focus on community service and social justice, and the amazing scholastic offerings. FSD offers a phenomal number of resource classes and extracurricular activities for a school of its size. We really feel as though we've found a home here.

- submitted by a parent

July 17, 2007
I love the community at Friends School in Detroit. Aside from the strong academics, students are given individual attention that you don't find elsewhere. It is truly a gem in the city of Detroit.

- submitted by a parent

March 24, 2007
This school has been great for both my 3-year old and 1st grader. The small class size allows for the teacher to really get to know each child and meet each child's needs. My kids just started in February and have been welcomed into the community with open arms. It is truly a family environment with great academics, arts, physical education and character education. I also love the diversity of both the students and the faculty and staff. I only wish the school had uniforms. The school also has a great after school program, offering dance, science and art club, girl and boy scouts, music lessons and sports. Now that the school offers, Spanish, French and Chinese, I know that my kids will receive a well rounded education.

- submitted by a parent

February 15, 2005
This is a very loving school. The teachers are very concerened, and sometimes to concerned. But the school challenges the child greatly. And parent participation is great. I truly trust this school with my child while at work. Friends has strong headmaster leadership also! The diversity socially, economicaly, and racilly can not be compared!

- submitted by a parent
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We are an inclusive, culturally diverse community. We focus on holistic instruction that addresses students' intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. We provide a non-traditional learning environment with small classes, creative engaging instruction, and an emphasis on the arts. With a fifty year history in the city of Detroit, we are committed to the talented children of this rich and diverse area. Friends School in Detroit is a place where every child can feel at home.


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Friends School In Detroit
1100 Saint Aubin St, Detroit, MI  48207
(313) 259-6722
Last modified Friends School In Detroit is a Private school that serves grades PK-8
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