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I love my kids school. However, there have been some problems. Should I pull my kids out or stay and fight?


bdgray0226 January 9, 2010

My kids have been going to GWCA since kindergarten, and I just found out yesterday at the school board meeting that they got kid of there former kindergarten teacher. I am really upset because I do not understand whey this happen. There is another board meeting on Monday and I am going to try to find out what happened. There have been alot of drastic changes in the last two years and some of them not good ones. My kids still doing well but, I am afraid that some of these changes will effect them negatively and I am not sure if I can take that risk. I am currently trying to get more involved with the school to help then get back on the right track. I have talked to the adminstration and agreed to help with the new and up and coming programs that they are implementing this year. Some of the parents have given up and pulled their students out. I am trying to stay with the school to help them and my children achieve the goals that they are trying to implement.

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bdgray0226 January 19, 2010

Thank you. It does take a lot of hard work and dedication but I know that it is worth it to help my children and the other students at the school get a quality education with all of the tools that they deserve, technology, books, supplies, good teachers, etc.


bdgray0226 December 15, 2011

This is an update- My kids re still doing well at their school. I have also joined the board at my children's school and have help implement changes. We have a wonderful technology plan and the school is progressing. It was a little bumpy at first, because of state budget cuts. I have learned that being a board member is a big challenge and it always easy to past judgement when you are looking from the outside. However, when you are responsible for making positive change is a beautiful thing when you see it all come together.


MagnetMom December 27, 2011


What wonderful news! Congratulations and keep us up to date with your endeavors!


parents016 March 7, 2012

there are some days where you have to think of the children first and not about the school. dont stay because you will get stressed out every day dealing with the staff. dont put yourself in that situation. First, have a back up plan. Meet up with other schools and see what they are all about. then when you think you have a match, or someone that you are intrested in, talk with your kids. i know what you are dealing with. i pulled my daughter out of a school, and she liked it but at the end of the day, it was what was good for her and her EDUCATION..! it always come first hun.
Good Luck and i wish you well.!!!!

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