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School District for Autism- Canton, Birmingham, Livoinia


lynne123 June 19, 2010

I have a 4 year old son Autism. He is currently attending a Detroit Public School that has an ASD (Autism) classroom. His teacher is wonderful, however with all the uncertainty of this district my husband and I plan to move to get my son a better education. I would love to hear from parents of children with autism from any district, but particularly in the Plymouth/Canton, Birmingham, Farmington and Livonia and Westland. What are your experiences with special education specifically Autism?

Do any of these districts have ASD classrooms for children who are not yet mainstreamed? My son has an IEP and I am very active with the Autism Society of Wayne County. I have never gotten a good answer from anyone on good schools for a young child with autism. My son babbles constantly so hopefully the words will comes. Are you contantly having to fight to get more then 30 minutes of Speech & Occupational Therapay per week? I have been paying for my son to go to Speech & OT out of pocket for the past two years. I'm concerned that the suburban school districts do not offer full day ASD preschool and/or full day kindergarden. As finding daycare for half days can be hard. Does anyone know if Plymouth Canton private daycare facilities will accomadate children with Autism? Help! I can use any good advise on getting a quality education for a child with autism.

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313734248586 August 22, 2010

You should look into Berger school for autism in garden city or leblanc school In Lincoln Park.

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