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Which high school is in the downtown attendance area?


Lund416 September 5, 2011

If we live downtown (near the Mariner's Church, not far from the Tunnel to Windsor) would Cass be the 'downtown area' high school? I can't make sense of whether school attendance areas are classified by distance to/from home or by citywide enrollments. What would be the 'closest' high school to downtown (we are new here)? Thanks.

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MagnetMom September 7, 2011

Hi Lund416,

Schools often post their boundaries on either their website or on the district website. If you have concerns about the boundaries, just call the school. They will be able to tell you street by street where your child would attend.

Good luck.


lynfromthed October 12, 2011

Cass is an examination high school. Some cities may call it a "magnet" school. Therefore, if you'd like your child to attend, they must past an examination firm. I believe they only accept student in grades 9 & 10. Call the Detroit public schools office (good luck) to get dates to apply to take the examination. i believe they take it in January of 2012, but you have to apply to take the exam, like yesterday.

I hope this helps!

fyi, I believe Martin Luther King Jr high School is part "magnet" and part "residential zone" students. So you may have to look into them, if your child is in the 11th or 12 grade.

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