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learning disabity


tawyn44 July 23, 2012

My son was just test for learning disabity. He going to middle school i need help finding a good one on the westside of detroit..

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DetRich July 27, 2012

Take a look at Christ The King K-8.

My son will be starting at Christ The King (CTK) (4th grade) for the 2012-13 school year. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and maybe a touch of dyslexia.

Last year at St. Scholastica (which closed at end of 2011-2012), he was off the charts. After figuring out his needs (and Rx), he went pretty much from bottom of the class to top of the class with almost all A's. he pretty much swept the awards at EOY program.

At 2012 Summer Camp at CTK, we've had problems with the (I think) Title-1 teacher. Title-1 teachers come from Det. Public Schools. Apparently, she's a teacher who likes to yell and uses her yelling for discipline. Several times over the summer, he interactions with my son (and 3-4 other kids) led to him being in tears. A few times while being dropped off in the morning, he's in tears and does not want to stay at school. This all before I can even pull off. This and other behaviors only occur on days when she is there.

Going to meet with the principal over lunch today to discuss this problem. My understanding is that the same Title-1 teacher will be there when school starts up for the fall. So, if my child has to deal with her, some changes in her approach must be made, else, ....

If you consider CTK, and if your child is part of Title-1, I'd recommend a meeting with the principal (and this teacher, if possible) before the school year starts.

All other experiences with the school, faculty, staff have been positive and I have no other complaints.

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