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Erie, MI
Students enrolled: 118

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2238 Manhattan St
Erie, MI 48133

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August 18, 2015
This Catholic school was just what we were looking for when the Monroe area catholic schools merged. We wanted our children in an environment that had K-8th grade. We wanted our kids to have the same experience with older and younger students as this helps them to mentor and be mentored. It helps them to grow personally and spiritually. This is exactly what St. Michaels in Monroe used to be. We feel right at home here. Our children entered in the upper grades of 5th and 8th. They move from class to class for the middle school model. At present today the Math, English and Science teachers ROCK! Math by far is the best. This teachers keeps the kids interested in the subject all calendar year long with competitions, not just the school year. So in essence your child will get math or can 365 days a year here. And she uses technology to do this, which kids today LOVE. By the time your child is at the end of 8th grade they will have completed Algebra 1. No other Catholic school can boast that in Monroe County. The only reason that we do not give this school a 5 star rating is that they don't offer Art, Music or an extra language in the middle school level. It certainly would help round out the students experience. But we find even without these our children have succeeded and have gone on to SMCC with all A & B's on their report card. There computer lab has been updated and the children use this a lot in all grade levels. I would love to see ipads in the upper class rooms being utilized. But it's not a deal breaker. Our children get that exposure at home. The newer priest certainly has added a new level of personality to the mix. Kids love mass, he's right in there calling them by name to answer questions. He sees the kids at lunch and asks them questions. He's actually in the school!!! Something that lacks at many other parishes, but not here at St. Joe's. We also have nuns that run the library and assist with homework help if needed. They too are a huge part of your child's experience at school. If the state of Michigan would go to vouchers this school would have a waiting list a mile long. It's not expensive to send your child here. It's the education that they gain and the religion that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

- submitted by a parent
Teacher effectiveness: Very effective
August 18, 2015
Middle school teachers are the best by far in Monroe County, MI. I haven't met a better one yet especially in Math. We've been to all the open houses in the county and St. Joe's by far beat each and every teacher we interviewed at their open houses. Go ahead and talk to the Math teacher here, you'll get as excited as we are and move your child to this school!!!

- submitted by a parent
Amount of homework: Not enough
August 18, 2015
They give homework and it's a lot compared to other schools. We as parents could see a little more. Others might feel they give to much and don't need more. We are parents that want our child to understand fully that days lessons.

- submitted by a parent
Develops honesty: Strongly agree
August 18, 2015
The teachers gives ample time for your child to realize that they have made a mistake. Your child will knowingly apologize and own up to that mistake. The staff helps your child understand where they went wrong if needed. If your child pushes to hard or acts out there are detentions that are made up after school. A loving environment, fairness and lets the child learn from his or her mistakes. No one rushes to judgment here.

- submitted by a parent

June 01, 2014
St. Joe's is amazing! There is no other school that I toured where the children stepped aside to let me through a doorway first or backed up to open the door for me and my kids.....the teachers are 110% dedicated and so are all of the parents! I have 3 children that I will send here and it's worth every penny! We've all made new friends here and the nurturing and growth both academically and spiritually in my kids is why this school is #1!

- submitted by a parent

January 10, 2013
I think its funny that some one can write such a harsh review about such a "terrible" school when they don't even understand the English language themselves: EX: "their (there) is more better schools" wow, no wonder why they think St. Joseph is a horrible school. They probably didn't even understand half the material that was given to their child for home work. I went there for 8 years and it prepared me well for high school, my six years in the navy, and my now college life.

- submitted by a community member

January 03, 2013
All I can say about SJS, is that ALOT of bully patrents and nonsense that happends in that so call "catholic school"!! And how funny it is to read ALL the stupidy they say about SJS, especially the same teachers that submit things about this school, get over it ppl!!! Oh, to inform you peoplel that their is MORE better schools out their then just SJS that offers more for your 80 students enrolled!! I will NEVER send my kids to that school, where I can send them anywhere my money is worth sending too!! I give SJS school unsatisfactory!!

- submitted by a community member

October 23, 2012
My name is Shanna Kehoe and I am a teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School. Our staff is great, and are willing to do whatever is necessaryto ensure that each student is reaching his or potential in all subjects. Our school community including the parents, faculty, and staff work together to make this a great learning environment for our students. With being here for 14 years, I can't imagine another school that I would rather teach than at St. Joseph's Catholic School.

- submitted by a teacher

October 16, 2012
St. Joseph Catholic School will give your child an exceptional education and faith formation that will last a lifetime! I have two daughters, one is a junior at Saint Mary Catholic Central in Monroe, the other is in grade 7. My older daughter is putting into practice the faith formed through her years at St. Joseph by serving as a youth group leader, commentator, and attending high school retreats. Academically she ranks high in her class, is a member of the National Honor Society and a Student Ambassador. St. Joseph school prepared her well for sucess in high school and into adulthood. My younger daughter is also benefitting from the personal attention and instruction of our committed faculty. She is an altar server and always eager to help out others in need, both teachers and classmates alike. I could not ask for a better place to form the minds and hearts of my children. Sincerely, Tammy Guth As a student at St. Joseph Catholic School, your child will be challenged to achieve their full potential academically. They will receive a foundation of Christian values and learn in an environment that builds responsibility character.

- submitted by a parent

October 12, 2012
Hello, my name is Anne Sweeney. I am married with six children--five of whom are currently attending St. Joseph's Catholic School in Erie, MI (the youngest should follow next year). Mrs. Janet Hardy, our School Principal is faith-filled and bubbly. I believe God directed her to us as she is precisely what our school needed. She is committed to making an education at St. Joseph Catholic School available to anyone who desires it. She believes Catholic education is not a luxury but a choice! Fr. Fred Kalaj emphasizes that God be taught in every subject as He is everywhere. St. Joseph's teachers are very well-educated and wonderful. They, along with Mrs. Hardy, our Sisters and staff care about our kids and work together to try to meet every child's needs spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally. The boys' CYO teams (soccer, basketball and baseball) have been at the top in the region for the past four years. You couldn't find a safer, better environment in which to entrust your children and grow them in our faith. I look forward to the next decade with this loving, God-filled school and community as we have no intention of sending our children anywhere else! : )

- submitted by a parent

October 09, 2012
I am currently a student at he University of Toledo, but before that I attended St. Mary Catholic Central high school in Monroe, MI. I have been fortunate enough to have attended Catholic schools all of my life until college. This began at St. Joseph's, and I believe that created a solid foundation for my education and my faith. I attended St. Joseph's for 11 years, and it was a very positive experience for me.

- submitted by a community member

October 08, 2012
I have two children who have graduated from St. Joseph in Erie and one in the seventh grade. My oldest is a Freshman in college and my middle daughter is a Junior attending St. Ursula Academy in Toledo and in the top 20 in her class. My husband and I are both very pleased in our choice to send our children to St. Joseph and can see the results both academically and spiritually. Whether their classmates attend public or private schools, you can see that St. Joseph gave them a great foundation. The parent support is outstanding, the facility is great, the parish support is remarkable, and the faculty is loving and caring. We are very blessed to have St. Joseph in our community. Sincerely, Joan Benore

- submitted by a parent

September 30, 2012
My name is Christy Mercurio. I am starting my 18th year of teaching at St. Joseph Catholic School. My three boys have graduated from St. Joseph, so I am also a parent. Looking at St. Joseph from a teacher standpoint, I would not want to teach anywhere else. The teachers and staff that provide extra time and effort to make this a wonderful school are outstanding. I would not be able to dedicate the past 17 years if that were not the case. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each student is reaching his or her fullest potential in all areas. From a parent perspective, there is no other school that I would have had my children attend. The close bonds with peers, academic excellence, and faith formation are apparent in the wonderful young men they are turning out to be. All have been honor students and very involved in school, church, and community. The family atmosphere is felt when walking in the door. Family involvement is excellent, and many fun activities are available to participate in. I have heard from others and experienced myself that St. Joseph School has something special like no other school. Come check it out, it's a wonderful place to be!

- submitted by a teacher

September 29, 2012
My 4 children attended St. Joes. We started in 1996 and our youngest graduated in 2012. We loved this school. Our kids were proud to attend st. Joes. It is a small school with great parental involvment. The kids all know and look out for each other. The teachers will spend their own time with the kids if needed to help them understand an assignment or for extra help. I absolutely loved our experience with this school. Wouldn't change a thing!

- submitted by a parent

September 29, 2012
My name is Megan Miazgowicz. I am currently a junior at Notre Dame Academy. NDA is a college prep school with very high academic standards. Not only did my grade school education help me get a scholarship to NDA, it did an excellent job of preparing me for high school. I attended St. Joes for 10 years, and I I don't regret a single day of it. I always liked my teachers, my classes and my classmates. The small classes mean that everyone gets a chance to be helped by the teacher, making sure that every child learns the material. The projects and papers that I completed at St. Joes make the projects and essays at NDA a breeze! I am very grateful for my experience at St. Joes, and look back at my time spent there with fondness. There's not another grade school I'd rather attend. I am proud to have been a panther!

- submitted by a community member

September 28, 2012
My name is Julie Miazgowicz and I not only teach at St. Joseph School I have an 8th grader and a daughter who graduated from St. Joseph three years ago. She is now a straight A student at Notre Dame Academy and I credit St. Joseph School for thoroughly preparing her for a very rigorous high school academic program. This is a close knit school community where faculty, staff, and parents work together to make the best learning environment possible for our children. I am PROUD of this school and everything it stands for!

- submitted by a teacher

September 27, 2012
I couldnt ask for a better school experience for my daughter. She has attended St Joseph School since pre-K, and is now in 4th grade. I am constantly amazed as I see her skills develop in math, English, spelling, science, and social studies. Above all, her faith formation is inspiring to me. Socially, the programs available at the school has something to offer to almost evryone. My daughter benefits from a staff who is compassionate about the children, and passionate about teaching. My daughter is expected to be responsible for her actions, good or bad. I applaud this, as I dont wish my daughter to grow up weak from being in an environment that encourages excuses, and blaming others for any unpleasant issue that may arise in a normal setting. The truth is, there is no other school that I can imagine sending my daughter to, that would benefit so many different aspects of her life. And I, for one, am PROUD to sign my name to this, I am Manny Evola, and I submit this review with much appreciation for evrything St Joseph School means to my family and I.

- submitted by a parent

September 11, 2012
I enrolled my 3 children at this school with great hope and excitement that my children would get a solid education grounded in Catholic values. After the novelty of being at new school wore off and I became more aware of the reality of what was happening at the school, my optimism faded. I believe that the school serves as a magnet for some parents and their students who have caused problems at their previous schools and take no responsibilty for their actions. These parents and students have made it a point to try to intimidate others who stand firm on their principles. I believe the administration in the interest of keeping the tuition dollars incoming, turn a blind eye to these parents'/students' actions. Beware of the inclusion/diversity talk from the school administration. The surrounding community has a notable Hispanic population and one can assume many potential parish members from this population. Yet, this community has few members enrolled at the school. If you're looking for Catholic values note that most of the textbooks are from secular publishers you find at the public school. The curriculum has very limited offerings in the arts, music and technology.

- submitted by a parent

December 30, 2010
I am a mother of two children, who last school year, attended St. Joseph Catholic School. St. Joseph Catholic School is not a school I would reccomend any parent to send their children, no matter the child's age. I found that this school was very limited with educational assistance, if by any chance your child needs one on one attention. So please, do not let the small class size trick you into thinking that there is more "one on one" attention given to your children. So, in the end I paid a huge amount of money for my children to be guided by Mason, not St. Joe's. Being a nontraditional student myself, I found that St Joe's lacked in teaching science and current issues. Both of my children now attend a different school and have excelled beyond my expectations. Not only are they doing wonderful with their school work challenges, but they are also offered many more extra activities, such as; football, cheerleading, chess club, quiz bowl, baseball, basketball, and many other extra activities that expand the child's mind, not the pockets of the church.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
May 24, 2008
I am graduating from Saint Joseph in 4 days. I have been there 11 years. It is a very great experience. I am Student Council President, so I can say that that the Student Council Program i awesome. I have learned so much from our teachers, and they helped me learn so much one-on one. Seriously, send your kids here. I loved it. it modeled me into a independent, young woman.

- submitted by a student

May 15, 2008
This is a wonderful school. Family like atmosphere. My son is receiving a very good education. I wish they offered classes through the 12th grade.

- submitted by a parent

April 05, 2007
This has been a great school for my 2 kid's 10 year old daughter and 14 year old son. We Started in pre school and am now in 11th year with my son.I would recomend St Joe's Erie Mi. to any family that is looking for a school that offers good academics and a safe and family freindly enviroment. The sports programs have been growing and we also have access to school teams in the county.

- submitted by a parent

December 30, 2006
I pulled all 3 of my children from that school. I felt my children were not getting the proper education then deserve. I do not recommend this school!

- submitted by a parent
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St. Joseph Catholic School
2238 Manhattan St, Erie, MI  48133
(734) 848-6985
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