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I need some advice for a friend on what steps to take involving a lynching on her daughter recently at school.


clockgirl12 November 8, 2008

My dear friends daughter goes to Middle School, this past Friday she was approached by 3 boys trying to do inappropriate things to her, when she pushed one of them away all three jumped on her. From her neck down she is covered black and blue with briuses, while they proceeded to hold her in the office and her mother outside the three boys were allowed to get on their bus and proceed home. I really do not think that any of this is right, and considering that there is an officer of the law at this school why were any of the boys allowed to leave should there not have been criminal charges filed since lynching is punishiable by law? Someone please help!

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eccentric January 6, 2009

I hope a written report was filed at the time, and pic were taken of the bruises. Without the two, you will have no case! Whether or not school took any action, I believe this was assault, and the parents should've taken the girl to the hospital, and should've had the police involved at the time! I hope the little girl is doing better...I cant imagine how traumatic that could be for a middle schooler!

Did your friend find out why this happened in the first place?


bonniebon January 27, 2009

i agree with all these posts and take their advise and stand up for our kids noone else will we have to keep our kids safe we are the only ones who really care about our kids


clockgirl12 February 7, 2009

We finally had some kind of outcome on this situation the boys are still going through the courtv systems for assault and some other charges, but because her daughter fought back she ended up getting 80 hours of community service and suspended from school as well, I do not agree with any of the punishment toward her, I mean are we telling our kids if people jump on you just lay there and take it so you don't get into any trouble? I was taught to protect yourself I'm not sure about anyone else!


metdad February 7, 2009

Is that from "shop around the corner" ???-OK-I grew up with sisters...
I used to instruct rape prevention classes-and you are right on the money-
More often than not-if the intended target fights back-the assailant will leave in search of an easier target. Also tests have shown that survivors who fought back are more resilient in both their emotional and physical recovery. I don't know if it's due to the person's constitution before the crime or not.
There are experts who suggest 2 or as high as 3 or more out of every 5 girls will experience some sort of sexual abuse by the time they are in college.
As a society we downgrade bullying and other acts with a, "they're just kids" or "it's part of growing up," theory. So when three boys attack a young girl it's not granted the same significance (read: she's not as valued) as an adult victim. This is especially so with anything that happens on school property. It's my opinion that this is due to a false sense of security, our willingness to believe that school is the one place where our children are most valued and protected. We also devalue the victim. This is especially true with women's reactions to victims of sexual abuse. Psychologists theorize this is a reaction of women to preserve their own sense of security; a kind of, "it couldn't happen to me but happened to her only because..."
It's time to change- it's time to stop allowing those who are most significant to our lives and society (women and children) to those most abused. Victims aren't chosen by assailants- they are chosen by society.

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