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My child wants to change schools, should i let him if its possible?


8grdmom December 10, 2008

He has had a great time at his Junior High until this year. He is a very outspoken young man who loves to be active but he is getting so stressed this year due to a few teachers and its to the point his stomach hurts daily. We went thru this awhile back and it seemed to get better for him when a few people in leadership were no longer around him but it seems they have all been talking and he knows it and its making it hard for him to have any enjoyment this year, he just feels like they are picking now. The few teachers and counselor he talks to say they know how these others are but there's basically nothing they can do about it. I know they need to learn to cope in the real world but in the 8th grade they should be able to enjoy some of it.

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healthy11 December 10, 2008

I'm having a hard time understanding....Can you explain how "people in leadership have all been talking" and that impacts your son negatively as he's attending his daily classes? (When you mention your son is "outspoken" and "loves to be active," might you be using them as "buzzwords" for having ADHD, and could he have been disciplined by teachers in the past for making impulsive remarks or other behaviors? My own son has ADHD, so I know it's not easy for kids to control every action.)

Truthfully, I think of school as a place for academics, and enjoyment comes more from extracurriculars and outside-of-school activities. Stress can come from many different "sources," and what strikes me about your son's situation is that there are no guarantees that things will be better elsewhere. I would think it would be more stressful to leave one's friends and go into a new school where he doesn't know anyone for just a couple of months until graduation.


8grdmom December 11, 2008

We have decided to make him stay and work through it but hes definitely not ADHD, they thought he may have it when he was younger but the Dr said he was borderline and the older he gets the better he is. By comments teachers are making, they are really rude to him about things they could only know if they are talking about it ..confidentiality is a thing of the past but he has been raised in a house very strict on how you treat others and i think its hard for him to understand why a teacher especially would Say such things to students. I think hes also just working through how to be ok with not be the best at everything. he is a very good athlete and if hes not excellent at something he will move on , he'd like to do the same thing with school i He is so strong though and making him stay i am confident will make him stronger. Funny we had the same discussion about other places being the same too. Unfortunately as parents we have to add to our teaching that there are those in power who don't make wise decisions as we've seen all over the media lately and the only thing that matters is if at the end of the day you personally made the right choices.
One comment about school being a place for academics, it is, im not sure if you misunderstood something i said. I do however feel it should be fun to learn. Most kids want to learn new things , its how we grow and mature. There is room for smiling and saying hello and thank goodness or even adults would hate their jobs and the amount of miserable people would be too numerous to count, its already sad how people are not doing what they love. Its why you get so many hatefull people in customer service jobs.


8grdmom December 11, 2008

oops i accidently hit reply twice and couldnt figure out how to delete one, sorry.


ramom09 January 3, 2009

I know it is not something that anyone should make a habit of, but I am actually switching my 6th grader to another school not because of the kids, but the teachers. I thought she was just being oversensitive at first, but after a full semester of literally having to chase teachers down just to get answers to my questions, I am fed up with the school too.


zoeyallheart January 20, 2009

ask him if there are bullies there or mean teachers. or you can just ask him why does he want to.

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