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average isee score to get into pingry


Hockeymom285 January 17, 2009

average isee score to get into pingry

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healthy11 January 17, 2009

Hi. Unfortunately, Greatschools is a nationwide forum, and the chance of finding another family from a specific school is slim...I did a "google search" and found this: but it doesn't give specific numeric requirements for admission. If I were you, I'd simply phone and ask. My son attended a private elementary school, and they were forthright about the minimum requirements to even be considered for admission, although they gave themselves "wiggle room" by saying that it varies year to year...If they get a lot of high-scoring applications, they can be more selective...


Hockeymom285 January 18, 2009

Healthy11, Thank you for your input. I'm driving myself crazy because my son who will be entering 6th grade got very high scores on all sections of the isee test except for the verbal. He has an A+ average in school and I'm sure his teachers gave him great recommendations. So, I'm hoping that with his good credentials, the one low verbal score won't kill his chances. Thanks again for your response.


timhenry December 13, 2009

We used the ISEE prep materials here: The materials covered all the sections of the test included the verbal section you mentioned.

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