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Involvement for our Children's Success


Johnston January 2, 2009

I am a big believer in everyone being involved in the education of our children.  No one here cares much if our children amount to much.  Parents aren't involved, and aren't really welcome to be.  The school just kind of passes them through the day just hoping they'll pass so the school will look better. 

The parents may not be welcome, but they should come anyway.  Not everything your child, or the school, tells you is the complete truth.  How will you know if you don't go and find out for yourself?  Get to know your child's teachers.  Usually you can get a feeling on the teacher and the staff if you get to know them and let them know you.  I've had to let my presence known at my older daughter's school on several occasions.  The principal and office staff know me on sight and can tell by the look on my face whether this is just a visit for if there is a problem.  It's also the way I get to know the teachers that are the problem from the ones that are just strict and want the children to obey the rules and to do their best.  Every opportunity I am able to, when I don't  have to work or attend classes myself, I try to go to the school..even if it's just the talent show. 

The schools can help the parents who want to be a part of the child's life at school, too.  Most schools have a website now, and it's true of this one.  However, the calender isn't kept up to date.  The only events usually listed are sports related.  Not much academics is anywhere one the sight.  They also have email for the teachers, but most of them don't have it.  The ones that do don't answer the emails.  This is true of the principal as well.  It's hard to even get her on the phone.  Last time I had a problem but no gas (school is in next town because there is no middle school other than the magnet school here), I called 4 times to talk to her.  Each time I was told she was not in the office and when to expect her back.  When I'd call back, she'd be somewhere else and I was told to call back.  I left 2 messages and when I called back the last time (at the time I was told she would be finished with cafeteria duty), she had already left for the day.  I can't help that my daughter is required to attend a school elsewhere, but the fact that no one is available when I call, and half the time when I am able to make the drive, is very frustrating.

If everyone becomes involved with our children's education, we all benefit.  Our children should come first so that they can succeed in whatever they choose to do in life.

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