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Junk Food For Lunches


dedee44 May 28, 2008

My grandson lives with us and I was shocked when I started looking at the school menu's for our kids! It's wonder there are so many overweight children...look what the schools are feeding them!

My grandson's school menu consists of Pizza, Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips,  AND this is all basically pre-made stuff...or ordered in!

I know my generation things were different but sometimes that is a better way. Why when I went to school we had hot lunches that were actually cooked from scratch at school. They served us things like roast beef and potatoes and carrots, fried chicken and baked french fries, or turkey and dressing with all the trimmings, baked ham and baked beans, speghetti and garlic bread, ....the same sort of things normal people ate and cooked then. When we ate lunch we were full...we didn't have to run to the pantry or fridge as soon as we got home from school for snack, because we were so famished! Our lunch did us until supper time.

When and why did the school systems decide that good healthy meals were no longer the way to go? 

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debrasuefitzge October 13, 2008

my kids school every thursday have dominios pizza,so i started packing on thursdays every other day they have somthing good but on thursdays its dominios.


superstarsara December 28, 2008

I hear you! We were so frustrated that we started a CSA (community supported agriculture) program. We are trying to get it started at some other schools. Basically, we have a farmer drop off organic produce once a week and the parents co-op together to purchase it. It's $20 a week and you get a huge amount at better than farmers market prices. It's a great way to promote health, educate the kids, and support a local farm. I can send you the flyer. Which school does your grandkid attend?


cwaters13 January 7, 2009

I think it's ridiculous! I don't have my daughter in school yet, but I hate when I take her to the babysitters, or grandmas and she comes home bouncing off the walls.One of these days it would be nice to be able to take her to McDonalds or give her a nice treat without feeling like I might be the 5th person who gave her something that day.I would like to think that I can put her in school and some one will be looking after her best interest.She not deprived, nor are many children, of sweets!


boysboys January 10, 2009

What state? What grade? I am in Texas with a first and Kinder and I go to their school a few times a week after the gym and it makes me sick. I go to a all Ladies gym and they asked if I ate it and I said no way and neither do my boys! My boys play soccer all year around and during winter/summer 5days a week yeah.
It is so disgusting because in GISD the 2nd largest in Tx 80% are on school lunches and I can't believe we can't provide them with the one meal(after all they are there to learn) that teaches and offers them good eating habits. This is such a awful thing to watch.My kids don't go to school as they r so picky with pb&j and apples but at least lunchables which have like usally 15or 17fat grams vs. the 50-70 offered. Yuck!!JUST CLEAN THE CHICKEN AND HAND THEM THE FAT AND TELL THEM TO EAT THAT!

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