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Blind sided by that sweet little baby of mine....


Tigher June 10, 2008

What to do?  I do not know what I am feeling?  Appalled, betrayed, flabbergasted, embarrassed, angry, confused...

But more importantly I need some advise on how to handle it, because I KNOW I blew it.

My lovely daughter, so excited to get her first middle school yearbook.  I had her name embossed on it with her clubs and sports.  A beautiful thing.  I went to put on the protective cover and she is just beaming, " Do you want to see the boy I have a crush on"? 

Of course I do, what Mother in her right mind would not want to see her daughter's first "official middle school crush"?

As I flip to "his" page I notice other pictures that have been "X" out, names written on them, in permanent green magic marker no less.  

What is this I ask her?  Oh, those are the kids I don't like, or annoying girls... you know THOSE kids.   

I hit the ceiling, not the house, but the one the air traffic controllers are always talking about.   I asked her what she was thinking?  How would you feel if you saw your picture "x"'d out with Ugly written at the bottom?  She said she would feel sad, and angry.  

I ended up sending her to bed with a bag of pretzels and threw  the yearbook away. Grounding her (no electronics)until I can figure out what to do.   She yelled and cried and said what a bad person she was and that she does not like what she did.  

Am I over reacting?  She did say all the other kids were doing it too.  Is this a case of peer pressure run amuck? 

Now she wants me to buy her a new yearbook.  I can not even begin to get my mind around that request.  Not only do I feel like she does not deserve it, but we are talking $38 bucks here. 

She is a good girl, does not get into trouble,  A's and B's, participates in team sports (softball and cheer leading).

What to do? 


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sugarshine January 23, 2010

I am in her grade and I think if thats her way of expressing herself, let her be. I mean, I did that and It kinda let me get my anger out. do not yell at her because then she could feel like she can't express herself and that could be really bad.


robinvirgo0830 March 21, 2010

Well mom, the first thing you need to do is get a grip of yourself and come into reality. If parents do not take the appropriate steps to correct this type of "Mean Girl" behavior, your problems will increase somewhere in her future.

I do not know if you are truly complaining or bragging on her behavior. Nevertheless, you and your daughter must remember this, she may be just a rookie in this game of "Mean Girl", there are veterans out there that will eat her alive. Be careful when you criticize people or step on toes, when it comes back to bite you it usually comes back ten times fold.

It is her (your daughter's) right to have a difference of opinion of people, however; not everything that she thinks need to be spoken. As for to purchase another book, REALLY? Do you need to ask that question? That is the part where I think you are bragging on her behavior and condoning it as well.

This is my daughter's third year as a cheerleader (1 JV/2 Varsity). She was the only one to qualify to transition from JV to varsity but, she will never say or do anything to hurt another person's feelings. I taught her that, did you teach your daughter intentionally or unintentionally criticizing people, thinking you are better/prettier, or being shallow/superficial is cool?

Who's really in junior high here?

Good luck with your daughter

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