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Private schools and IEP law


danegrl January 1, 2009

 Hello, I was wondering if anyone has knowledge of what the law is on writing an IEP in wisconsin.  My son was tested by the public school system last year again and received an "IEP meeting" however I was told that because he was going to a private school and not the public school they will not write an IEP for him.  They did wonderful testing and were fully involved in the diagnosis so to speak, but would not make nor suggest  how to progress or write an official IEP for the year for him.  

(At the last testing by the public school in a different district when he was just 7, the same testing revealed the same LDs and an IEP was written.)

Just wondered if anyone had more information on public vs. private school IEP law.



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dhfl143 January 1, 2009

Hello and welcome. I happen to see your post and wanted to suggest that you might also want to post it in the Learning and Attention Difficulties group located here at GS:

It is a large group of parents, many of whom have children with IEPs and 504 plans. You might find more or a response to this particular question within this group.

In the interim, here are some expert articles on the subject:

Best wishes.


danegrl January 2, 2009

THank you I will try to figure out how to do that :)

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