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should i let my 12 year old child date?


lexy1232 September 21, 2010

shes begging me and all of her friends are allowed and she says im being unfair. what should i do?

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nnanny12 June 5, 2013

Is your daughter wants to date let her but be careful.
Some guys these days can be gentlemen and some aren't.
Have her go on dates with chaperones.
Don't make her feel neglected.
No mattter what she's gonna date but, Atleast she asked for your permission..(:


user5347599 November 2, 2013

Well I am 12 myself too and I get where she is coming from. Now that she is twelve her hormones are practically bursting out of her resulting in wanting to explore dating and you not letting her or not knowing what to do may cause her to "hate" you don't worry it's just her mood swings. Plus all the peer pressure all her friends being allowed to date and not her just makes her feel left out. And probably date behind your back so it's best if you let her experiment. Now from most parent's point of view, trust me we get it you think we are too young to date yh yh but it's really unfair that you won't atleast let us try? I know you think something is going to happen but all really is holding hands hugging and kissing (no tongue) we know what boys want and we aren't going to give them. Anyway so I know, but you should let her date not one-on-one but gain her trust by being there but not barging in on their privacy and policing the "date" baby steps


user5407292 January 11, 2014

I know you think that 12 is too young to date but its just puupy love its never anything serious just talk to her its probably gonna be a two week relationship if not then you know that your daughter is mature and can handle a boyfriend and thats a good sign.


user5472029 March 5, 2014

so last year I was 12 and in 6th grade and my mom let me date (have a Boyfriend)my "jack" was my boyfriends name id say that it went ritty well last year until I broke up with him and now I really like this boy named Ben but I dident tell him that I like him yet who thinks I should tell him I like him?


Mama2j March 9, 2014

Dating should be the precursor for IMHO it should be the beginning of a potentially SERIOUS commitment or not at all. That's practical safe advise. Why get hurt or hurt others for meaningless relationships?


user5590192 June 14, 2014

I let my daughter date what's the wise thing that can happen I mean if you you raised het she should be okay my daughter is okay


user5364167 June 25, 2014

I think its fine. My dad says its fine to have a boyfriend and I'm 11. He takes me and him to the movies and sits far away from me. I'm only 11 and he said I could have 1 a couple mounts today. As long as u don't do more than holding hands its fine. He is allowed to come over with the door open .I never thought my dad would say yes considering he's in the army and tough. My boyfriend likes my dad and my dad likes him. I think its fine so ya


user5607553 July 2, 2014

Yes. She isn't 10.. She should know about her body and all of that stuff by now. If not what are you doing?!?! If something does happen, be a parent and do what you are supposed to do! Saying no could lead to sneaking out late and doing god knows what.

She is a big girl.

Just give her some guide lines.


user5694613 September 13, 2014

Yes! Some parents says that age is not old enouthg, but she had feelings too! I know the children from our days, they really know what they are doing. She is liking a boy, let she!


user5696863 September 15, 2014

Ok im in middle school and the only reason middle schoolers asked for boyfriends because we already have and we really like in my mom said no because to her all middle school boys are only thinking about STUFF and I personally think that's not true I've asked one of my best guy friends and asked for them to give me an honest answer and I said no and I trust them with my life so I think yeah we should be allowed to have boyfriend but under some strict guidelines:
Both parents have to meet the boy before you can call him a boyfriend
It doesn't affect any of your duties or school work
The parents can decide what happens with the kissing and holding hands stuff
And last but certainly not least you have to make sure that your daughter isn't dating this guy just because everyone else is because she really truly likes him

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