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mamilan November 2, 2010

what is the difference between going to a humanities magnet (holmes) and math and science technology magnet (nobel)?

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MagnetMom November 2, 2010

You should definitely go to the presentations they'll be hosting tomorrow at Sepulveda Middle School so you'll know what each school offers.

A Math/Science magnet typically offers electives and material in the curriculum that supports STEM courses: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Nobel website shows the curriculum here:

A Humanities magnet focuses on culture and peoples. Their electives seem to reflect that. Their sixth grade is here:

Since much of the curriculum is mandated by the state and district, the differences you'll see is with electives and with some of the ways the material is taught.

You should go to the Magnet Night tomorrow night and ask questions there.

Good luck.


yaneth25 October 19, 2012

Why do schools have different scores? When I compare Lawrence Magnet and Nobel Middle School, there is two star difference. I'm a little confused because I want the best school for my daughter, like every parent want for their children.

Thank you so much.


TeacherParent October 23, 2012

Nobel Learning Schools are private schools - parents must pay some thousands of dollars for their children to attend a Nobel School. Comparing a private school to a public magnet school isn't entirely fair. Children from wealthier homes have advantages that help them do well in school and a Nobel Learning School will have children from wealthier homes.


mdorn05 October 31, 2012


Noble middle school is LAUSD magnet middle middle school. You got it wrong.


MagnetMom November 1, 2012

No worries, mdorn05. TeacherParent isn't on the West Coast. I'll use this as a reminder to mention that with an earlier deadline: Magnet applications are due 11/16. Good luck to all.

Yaneth25, there are two ratings. The number 1-10, is based on school's test scores. In California, that's the CST's. The star rating, 1-5 has to do with the parent reviews. Both Lawrence and Nobel have magnets within their normal middle schools, so it's hard to compare the numbers of the overall schools just based on the reviews (Nobel is considered the gold standard in the San Fernando Valley--the magnet, their SAS and their home school are all highly regarded). Lawrence's magnet is highly sought after, but the home school doesn't get the same buzz. You'll want to tour them both (I have a middle schooler, and toured both recently, and have friends at both. They are really good schools, it will simply depend on which one is a better fit for your child.

I'll be happy to break down some of the things I know about each one if you would like to hear.


mdorn05 November 1, 2012

Hi MagnetMom

I also would like to know about Nobel and Lawrence (Gifted) Magnet Middle School. I would like to consider it for my daughter in a couple of years.


MagnetMom November 3, 2012

They're both great schools. They're located at the top of the San Fernando Valley, so you will really need to think about the commute for your daughter. Nobel has long been the 'gold-standard' in middle schools with very very high API scores. It was the go-to school when my son was in elementary and even now it's the most sought after middle school. There is a regular school, an SAS program and a Math/Science magnet. We currently have friends who attend, and they are thriving. We considered it for my daughter, but we went a different way. Both the magnet and the SAS get a high volume of applications, and it's a challenge to get in. Magnets previously required 16 or 12 points to get in. It might be a little lower now. And SAS, count on needing very high CST scores since that's not a lottery, they rank the kids. Remember this magnet isn't gifted, but does have an honors track. Some people are very uncomfortable with the fact that Nobel is one of the last schools around with no exterior fence. It makes for an open, airy campus, but some people can't get over it.

My son attended Lawrence and graduated in 2004 from there. I toured it last year, considering it for my daughter. A great deal of the teachers who were there when my son attended still work there. Continuity is huge for me, and that kind of stability is great. Lawrence's magnet is a gifted magnet, so that means children applying must be identified in one of several ways. The classwork is taught at a high level.

They're both middle schools, and they're both known for quite a bit of homework--weekends included. The projects are often group-based, which means you will be driving out to the Valley on the evenings and weekends. If you don't mind, then it's great. But if you have other little ones, or a busy calendar, think hard before sending them this far.

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