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mzhzleyez79 November 23, 2010

I have 2 daughters that are attending a horrible middle school. There is NEVER a day without incident at this school, and the teachers and staff have absolutely NO CONTROL over the students. Their practically running the school, especially the eigth graders. I have gone to this school on two occasions regarding my children. The first incident, some random child thought it would be funny to trip my daughter as she ran down the hallway of the school at dismissal time to catch up with her class. She damaged her knee and was limping for an entire wk. When I went into the school to try and resolve this issue I spoke with the Assistant Principal there who basically acted as though she couldn't be so bothered. Not-to-mention, had the audacity to tell me," Well, you're gonna have to make another appointment to come back." I was LIVID!! I went to speak to a parent advocate that very same day to see if it were possible to acquire a transfer for my daughters to get out of that school...NO SUCCESS. The parent advocate told me that the situation was not a police matter so I would not be able to request a safety transfer. She then filled out an application to send to my childs school for them to make a report of what happened to her. The second incident, some boy just started punching on my oldest daughter for no apparent reason. At this point, I went into the school and raised hell I really didn't care anything about conduct. Because I went and spoke to a parent advocate with the first incident, suddenly everyone became so helpful to me, and the situation got resolved IMMEDIATELY. I will go to any extent for my children. Unfortunately, this middle school is their "zone school" and it is also a "failing" school with a rating of a 2. Whenever I try to transfer them elsewhere noone will accept them because of that reason. I think as parents, we should have the right and opportunity to put our child/children in schools where they are guranteed to get a good quality education. What's with all these restrictions and outrageous rules?? Why should my children have to be stuck in a failing school simply because its thier zone school? Shouldn't I as a parent want my daughters to grow up being well-educated, productive women in society? How will that happen in a failing school??? And then if they are not well educated all fingers will point and all blame will be directed at me, right?? (smdh) I reside in the Bronx and the majority of the public schools in or close to my area are,"FAILING SCHOOLS." REALLY considering home schooling....

A disgusted, acrivated, THOROUGHLY FED UP parent

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berdosrn November 25, 2010

I am so sorry to hear of your dilemma, I'm not sure if the information I have will help you as my children are enrolled in school in FL. First, good for you for standing up to school administration it seems once these people rec. tenure they loose all interest in anything other than a pay check, you did the right thing. The wheel that squeeks the loudest gets the grease, a cliche, but very often the case. In FL my child had been evaluated for speech impairment, which she did not have, she was then put into a speech class. She was then considered a special needs child, and then was able to transfer to any school I requested. I hope this helps you, I found its easier to find the back door arround the system then to fight the idiots in charge of it. I wish you the best, keep warm its cold up there formerly from Niagara Falls, NY


wkendfrmr November 29, 2010

Any unwanted physical contact can be construed as assault under MN law. I would guess that your state is similar. If you don't get what you need, PUSH. Most schools have cameras all over the place, and the incident is probably on tape or digital storage. Public info is public info, and you have rights under the law. NEVER tolerate unwanted physical contact. Your local Police Department is or should be well versed in such situations. Sometimes a uniform & a badge will "wake up" the principal. The kid who roughed up my son has been permanently removed from public school, but it took EFFORT.


Connie78 November 29, 2010

What school is this that your are referring to?


NSGLTP November 29, 2010

Mzhzleyez79-I totally feel your pain. I want to tell you that you are a great parent for even figuring out that you can go to an advocate and know that your zone school is failing. You best believe the administration at the school didn't like hearing you know that they have been failing. I have two sons with severe LDs. My oldest is now 21 and believe me he was my test subject unfortunately and when I did get a clue of even where to get help for my youngest the 4 year fight with my school district hasn't been fun. My advice is get yourself educated. Start here at: I know times or rough and money is tight but buy the bundle package with the siminar CD and you'll be glad you did. Also, go to your OSPI for your state website and your district website. Information is power and right now you need all the info you can get. I'm currently dealing with the fact that my youngest son has severe anixety and he has a PA that has been pushing his buttons like he was a control board at NASA's space center! She is from the old school and wants to think the mental and the corpal punishement she has been giving my son is going to help him become normal! I just found out that in my state WA we have home/tutoring where the district has to pay for a tutor to come into our home so many times a week for a short period of time or longer depending on the situation. In my case if the PA isn't GONE! And, away from my son completely I can ask for Home/tutoring until they resolve the issue. I didn't even know I had that right until a special ed teacher I've become friends with told me I could ask for that to help my son recover from mental aspect. Of, course I've given the highlights of my current situation and I must say it has taken everything within me not to blew up the school but I've learned the hard way that it is about playing their game. You just have to learn the rules first and always cut them with a smile. I realized that I had to learn to get myself in a position where they can't paint me as part of the problem (something to keep in mind when you blew up at them) also try your best never to go to the school by yourself. You want ADULT witnessness to the way they treat you. If, you can't bring someone then RECORD it. Look up your states law on recording conversations and buy yourself a mini recorder. It works wonders also. I wish you all the luck! Stay strong and knowledgeable!


Jeweljudy November 29, 2010

Please tell me what school this is. I know this is hard. Can't believe what is happening in schools today.


wkendfrmr November 29, 2010

It is in nobody's best interest to divulge the actual school. Your business is with your district, my business is with my district. Beyond that, the possibility of unwanted intervention will not allow me to say any more.

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