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what to do when the school won't do anything about bullying


tamferl January 6, 2011

My son has been tormented for years by bullies, he is now in the 7Th grade and still having problems. Last year I found a suicidal poems written by him, got him counseling, had meeting w/ ALL school officials, and I'm at a loss. Because these bullies are jocks and preps(terms kids use)..and my son stands up for himself now that he is the one called into the office, he is the one in detention or kicked out when the kids that start it go on as nothing happened w/ a grin knowing that once again it is my son that got the punishment. Although many witness tell that my son did nothing to start anything it is still him that gets punished for reacting to these bullies, the principle now tells me after kicking out my son that the other child will be dealt w/ only to find out from other classmates that the child that initiated things sits in his classroom w/ no consequences for his actions. I don't know what to do, it's getting way out of hand, not only for my son, but other kids I hear it from too...

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