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My son is slow in everything...except during playing


narayani70 February 3, 2011

I am an Indian, mother of 2 children aged 9 and 5 years. I want help and advice for my son who is 9 years old and in the 5th grade. Indian schools unlike international schools have lot to write in school. My son is very very slow in writing. From his kindergarten the only complaint his teachers have about him is that 'he is very slow in writing' the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades I used to help him by wrting in his books to complete the class work. But from 4th grade onwards, i was not allowed to do so. He has to take the school bus at 7.30 am and he reaches back at 3.45 pm. He sleeps for an hour upto 6 pm and then again sits to complete the classwork by calling his classmates...most of the days he doesnt get time to finish his homework, sometimes even the classwork. I noticed that he is not only slow in writing but in other things like when i ask him to pick up something from the ground...he walks to it slowly, then bends, and you know with little exaggeration i have to say that its like a slow motion. When I ask him something his response comes after lot of thinking and looking at my face. When I am angry at him and wants to know something out of him, his face becomes like a culprit even before he proves his innocence...the result is, in school the teachers dont have the patience to listen to him and before he can complete what he has to say he gets the punishment. Sometimes its different, like when he and his friends are asked to explain on some mischief and when my son starts talking the other child cuts him and speaks and since my son's response is slow, he is always blamed. In short i am worried how will he defend himself? In school the teachers have labelled him as a 'slow writer'. Now he himself says 'i am a slow writer'. He never used to tell lies...recently i found telling lies that he has completed his school work. Here I have to say that because of his slow writing he hardly gets time to play...or it will be more correct to say that he doesnt get time to play. He gets A+ in his progress reports except for 1 or 2 As and one B+ and one C+ from his 1st grade till now, he is in 5th grade now. He finishes studying fast...but writing is a problem. Some more things about him is that he gets distracted easily and is a little sensitive. I have hit him many times because he could not finish his class work, i know i was wrong, and I deeply regret for those times. Can somebody pls help me.

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Techiemom February 3, 2011

First of all...As you noticed it was the teachers and ppl around him stamping him as a slow writer. I would say dnt judge him. May be he is so dejected,demotivated that he is doing things slow.
Looks like he need a confidence build up. It should start from home .
Rather than saying, You cannot do it,you are not fast enough..try encouraging him saying..".I know you can.." kind of words might help him to push thorugh the struggles.Also if your second kid is fast,smart...never compare the 2 of them...
What kind of school is that when it gives a negative feedback to kids calling him slow writer? I will better check the school/teachres and shift him to another school where they have open mind in accepting and idetifying his true talents.


MacArthur February 3, 2011

It's hard when your child is suffering and you are at a lose. Reminder, you have to be the childs advocate. Can you have your child tested at his current school? I would recommend doing this first. Not sure what state you live in, most schools can accomodate testing at the parents request.Make sure to let the school know you want this done immediately. Keep on them to ensure it is done.
Second, I would inform your pediatrician they may be able to test for certain disorders.


yongxin August 9, 2013

Describes my 9 year old son very well, although I am Chinese. I wonder it is a syndrome, a gene mistake. Otherwise how could two totally unrelated people be so similar.

by the way, My plays video games pretty well, writes and talks using complex sentences, just takes 1 hour to write half a page.

Anyway, I am looking for an expert answer. I have tried many methods. For math, I tried using a stop watch, doing many 3 minute sessions, and succeeded in doubling his speed in one week. For writing, all attempts failed so far.


user5246344 August 17, 2013

It sounds just the same as my son I don't know how to help my son also I have to set with my son at homework time I can't write things down on another paper for him to copy cause it takes him a very long time I have to spell it out, out loud for him ever word so he can do his homework a little faster he is in 7th grade with the reading level of a 2nd or 3rd grade level so I know how you feel all I can say is the only way I can help him is setting next to him and finding a way to help him so he don't feel over whelm and give up some time I get frustrated cause I have to make dinner and daily house shores but all I can do is try to be there for my son


user5721513 October 11, 2014

absolutely same problem is with my 9 year old son.
i need somebody's help.......

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