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How can we get a good Middle School in WPB, 33409 area for our daughter?


mindeful June 8, 2011

Hello, we're moving to WPB, FL. 33409 area. We are in need of a good middle school for our daughter, who will be in 7th grade next school year. She's coming from a 5 star "A" rated school. She needs a lot of help with Math and Social skills. She's a little bit bossy, sensitive, and emotional at times. She keeps to herself, and the girls at school stays away from her. She said it's because they think that she's weird. She does entertain herself and to herself. She does feel lonely and sad that she's not part of the "POPS" in school. Bear Lakes Middle is the school for the area we're moving to. Please help us to help her to be satisfied Academically, and Socially! Thank You!

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butterflysky June 11, 2011

Hello Mindeful and Welcome to the West Palm Beach area. I would have suggested Jeaga Middle School to you but instead I am going to suggest Conniston Middle because of a few kids in our neighborhood have gone there and they said it is a good school. My daughter is entering the 7th grade for the 2011-2012 school and I going to transfer her to Conniston due to some of the issues there are at Jeaga. Good luck on making your decision on where to send your daughter. Who knows if they both go to Conniston they just might become friends.


mindeful June 14, 2011

Thanks butterflysky, I will check out the school you mentioned. Hopefully they will accept kids from the 33409 area. It would be nice for her to meet your daughter. Let's see what happened and we will keep in touch.

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