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citygirl43611 February 10, 2012

what can my granddaughter do to improve her Language Arts grade? She's in 6th grade.

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jmlengacher February 11, 2012

Check with her teacher to find out which areas specifically she is struggling in. The kids have to read 3 books each nine weeks and do one book talk and two book conferences. This is a big part of their grade. Bundle performance tasks are a big part of students' grades as well, so make sure she is asking an adult to proofread before she turns in her final project. She can also redo homework assignments for a grade of up to an A-. In 7th grade, the students can do Compass Odyssey (also a great tool for remediation and can be done wherever there is Internet access) for extra credit, so check with the teacher to see if this is offered in 6th grade as well. The teacher would know specifically what your granddaughter has to work on in order to improve her grade. I hope this has helped. You can find the teacher's email on the NHMS webpage and I know her teacher would be more than happy to help! Have a great day!


TeacherParent February 12, 2012

To improve grades in any subject, you've got to know what's going wrong. Grades in any subject are usually a combination of grades taken from homework, tests, projects and class participation. Sometimes the teacher will have written that all out on the class syllabus or explained it on 'Back to School' or Parents' Night.

Someone needs to speak to the teacher and find out if it's a general weakness across the board or if one area more than others in the problem. Is your granddaugher doing the homework and handing it in? Does she do well on quizzes and tests? Is she expected to participate in class and does she? You need answers to those questions.

If a child is not a strong reader overall - or if the child is a weaker writer, then Language Arts class can be a challenge. Does your granddaugher read fairly well and write fairly well? If not, having someone edit her writing before she hands it in can be a help. Any student should be typing these days whenever possible and using Spellcheck and Grammarcheck.

Sometimes books on tape can be helpful if the books used in Language Arts class are way over the reading level of any individual child.

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