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keyondaburrus June 2, 2012

I am relocating to richmond by august my daughter will be entering into the 8th grade she has some learning difficulties. she has been homeschooled for 6th and 7th grade I would love for her to go back to public school for alot of reasons. I like the Henrico area. However, getting her the best education for her to keep up and adjust well with the move is my concern. She was also diagnosed with ADD. Suggestions will help thanks in advance

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MagnetMom June 4, 2012

Hi keyondaburrus,

Start here: Look at the ratings and compare the parent reviews. Many parents of special needs students comment specifically about the special ed programs, so you can narrow down your search that way.

Contact the schools early, or even talk to the school district. Bring your daughter's file with you and ask to speak to the special ed coordinators and see how they can accommodate her needs.

Good luck!


RDWOLAN June 4, 2012

My family is also relocating do to my husband job. We are from New Orleans, we lived in The WoodlandsT.X. for 5 years the schools were great. I was very impressed. Now remember we were coming from Louisiana where school are not on the list to fix. We are now in Viirgiana were the schools are so impressive! I have taught school in many differnt school settings and not one of them have came close to the excellence my family have experienced. That counts for privet schools as well. Now I am moving back to Texas and I am so afaride that I wount find a school as terrific as in V.A. If any one knows anything about the schools in Texas I could really use your help. I have 3 children they would be going into 6th,7th and 8th grade. Between Pear land and Sugar land which one has the better schools and the best resale value in the house. We only plan to live there around 2 tears.If there is any other area that is better around Hobby airport area I would love the help.
Keyondaburrus i also have a child who learns different form the average child and schools here treat students with I.E.P,s as if they were the only student who needed help. So I also looking for the best school for him as well. P.S. who wants to be average

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