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uumamomma67 June 4, 2012

My son is in special education and will be entering 6th grade this next school year. I don't want him to go to Doolen middle school, we had alot of problems when my daughter went there and I don't believe it would be good for my son. I read very bad reveiws about Townsend which is the other middle school near us and the one that my sons school recommended he attend next year. What middle school in Tucson has a good special education program? What would be a good middle school for him to attend?

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MagnetMom June 5, 2012

Hi uuamomma67,

You might want to post this directly in the Tucson community here:

In the meantime, you can get information about the schools in your area by visiting: typing in your zip code, and then you'll be able to read parent reviews and compare test scores for schools in your area.

Good luck.


SazzyMom2one June 5, 2012

Hi uumamomma67,

My son is currently attending this school and in the special education program. The special education program in this school is phenomenal. Both the teachers and staff(including principals) are great. They care about the children's education and are no nonsense when it comes to bullying. However, my son has experienced alot of bullying from the other kids in this school. We can try our best to shield our children from this type of abuse and try to give them a great education; unfortunately, bullies are in every school. It boils down to the parents and not all parents care to teach their child NOT to bully other children. I hope this info helps. Good luck.

Sorry, he's attending a different school in the wappingers central school district.

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