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mygodstiming June 5, 2012

Does anyone have opinions re Home Schooling, Pros and Cons? Can anyone recommend a good Home School Program?

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MagnetMom June 6, 2012

Hi mygodstiming,

I've considered home schooling over the years for both my kids. As you've likely guessed there are clearly pros and cons to it. On the pro side, you can individualize your child's education--moving faster in some areas, and taking time to really delve into areas of interest. You can schedule flexibly--some families teach year round, others compress the school year and take vacations that complement their learning, and others still teach four hours a day and are done, and some actually take their time and break up the day.

The cons include the reality that not all kid/parent dynamics are great--you can get on your child's nerves, and your children will get on your nerves. Certain subjects are more difficult to teach, and you will have to find someone to assist with the classes you can't teach. And socially, the kids miss out on a lot of school activities unless you really pursue it.

I'm sure others will post as well. Good luck!


mygodstiming June 7, 2012

Thank you, MagnetMom. i thought that the Home Schooling was totally web-based and that the student would have an on-line teacher.


MagnetMom June 7, 2012

What you're referring to is Cyber schooling or Virtual schooling. Home schooling can be that, or it can be a parent teaching a child. Typically when people refer to home schooling, it's the parent/child dynamic, although even that often has some online components.

If you are interested in a virtual school, you might want to visit Some states offer tuition-free versions of k12, and if that's something you're interested in, type in your state's name, then the words virtual academy.

Good luck!


TeacherParent June 9, 2012

Homeschooling at home can be a big commitment - it depends on what you're trying to achieve. Some homeschooling families are trying to avoid bad schools and other homeschooling families are trying to create a warm and supportive blend between the home, the family and the child's education.
It also depends on your state - some states are friendlier to homeschooling than others. These days you can certainly purchase, rent or tap into established virtual schools or established curriculum. You can often also connect with other homeschooling families in your community and share ideas and spend time together.
Homeschooling offers many possibilities.


blucey6008 June 10, 2012

I recommend K12 Virtual Schooling for all students if the parents can be home to oversee K through 8 school years, 9 through 12 the students are responsible enough to continue on their own. Your student can move ahead in his/her classes without having to wait on a student who needs more time. And if your student needs more time he/she can take it without holding up the rest of the class. It has made a positive difference in my grandson's life. It is the best move I could have ever made for him. He has excelled in all his classes and moved on into the next grade level classes in Math and Science. The online teachers compliment the program and are only a phone call away if you want to talk to them.


cougarmommy3 June 10, 2012

I have been homeschooling 3 years after 4 years in public school. We started by using a private Christian school for our umbrella school. This allowed me to choose what worked best for curriculum for each child. It was a good experience. This year we swapped to our state's virtual academy that uses k12 curriculum. I needed more support and help planning because I have 3 children and a middle schooler. It was a great experience also. The teachers offer workshops, online classes, and field trips in addition to the k12 curriculum. It is very thorough.
The biggest pro to homeschooling for me is being able to make changes when I feel my child needs it. The biggest con is that it is one more area to discipline your child.


ShannieCotton June 10, 2012

I am a nanny for 2 boys; 3rd grade and 5th grade. For the last year, I have been their learning coach. Home school was a great experience for all of us, in fact both boys are straight A students. I believe that home schooling is a great tool to help you bond with your children, and really feel as if you are playing a genuine role in their learning, while brushing up on your own skills, as well! On the down side, they are unable to socialize with other children their age; which can be a bit of a downfall. All of the field trips were quite far away, and working with 2 boys who have ADHD, finishing the work load can be a challenge in itself, without the field trips. Another down side is that physical education tends to be pushed to the side, and more focus is on the more challenging subjects. I was pushed more (by the parents) to tackle the tough stuff during my time with them, while mom helped finish the other subjects. Overall, being a mom myself, I will continue to send my daughter to public schools, unless I feel she has reason not to be in a public setting any longer. The family I work for has decides to persue charter schools this fall, due to the social issue in itself.


berryspecial1 June 11, 2012

May I ask what state you are in? I live in Pennsylvania. I have a PaCyber school student who is graduating from high school on Thursday. At PaCyber, the students get their own books and supplies. They get a laptop computer, printer, pad and pen to write on the classroom board, headphones to listen without interruptions, ink for the printer and computer repairs as needed throughout the schooling process. I didn't have to pay anything, in fact I got reimbursed for my internet. You are assigned an instructional supervisor who assists with the curriculum that is required, tutoring if needed, they help with putting you in touch with other cyber parents who have wonderful ideas, they assist with college bound, career explorations. If you have any questions. This program is available as virtual classes and self paced. I recommend doing virtual classes first and then when you feel more comfortable you can switch to self paced classes. There are sites that are assigned to take Dora Doma tests which are monitored. I preferred the cyber schooling over the homeschooling program as it is unsafe at the high schools beside the fact that they don't get their own books. They have to share books and they are used only in the school. They are not allowed to take them home. There are social outings you can do with your child and it can also take the place of school trips. In order to get their PE Education, you can join a YWCA or YMCA or other fitness club at reduced prices. You can take them to playgrounds and libraries. They are not totally secluded as some people are presenting. Any questions, you can shoot me an e-mail at Signed a PACyber Mother. Best of luck.

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