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Relocating to Seneca, SC area


djdebolt June 6, 2012

My wife and I are planning on relocating to the Seneca, SC area in Aug 2012 along with our 12 year old (6th grade) son and looking for any suggestions/comments regarding what schools in this general vicinity are good and what your concerns might be such as crime, drugs, etc.

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MagnetMom June 7, 2012

Hi djdebolt,

You can start here:

Type in the zip code and you'll find parent reviews and school ratings. You'll be able to narrow down your search to the schools you'll want to contact, or tour.

For concerns about the communities surrounding the schools, I always suggest talking to a real estate professional. Even if you're renting, they're always eager to build potential customers by giving information on the amenities in certain neighborhoods. You won't go wrong asking about commute times, park and recreation programs, and even the best grocery stores and shopping centers.

Good luck.

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