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Relocating to Tulsa area, what are the best middle schools in Tulsa and surrounding areas?


jomaalsy June 10, 2012

We are relocating to Tulsa in the fall due to job move and need to find a good middle school for our upcoming 6th grader. Any suggestions? I've researched Carver and their test scores seem great. Any other good schools in the suburbs?

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MagnetMom June 11, 2012

Hi jomaalsy,

You might want to join the Tulsa Community located here: Then people in the area would see your question.

Another place to look is here: You'll be able to compare school ratings and read parent reviews.

Another idea would be to talk to the HR department where you and your husband are working and ask to talk to some folks with kids your kids ages. You'll learn about commute times, and you might even be able to set up carpools (for both work and school!).

And finally, talk to a real estate professional. It's their job to know their communities and the amenities people most want. They'll be able to give you plenty of information that can help you with your choice.

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