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Shorter school year?


SallyA June 21, 2012

Saw this on the local news... crazy;

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MagnetMom June 22, 2012

You'll hear it even more right now, as the two competing tax measures go up for a vote in November.


SallyA June 21, 2012

I heard about the possibility of a shorter school year on this morning's news. When I googled it, I must of brought up an old article. Oops. *blush* But it was on the local news just this morning about the usual no money in the budget... usual, usual, usual state of affairs unfortunately.


MagnetMom June 21, 2012

Hi SallyA.

The article you posted is from 2011, so there's been an entire school year that wasn't shortened.

However our new governor is threatening to have to cut over three weeks of instruction if the new tax plan he's endorsing is not approved.

Currently there are two state initiatives that have qualified for the November ballot--the governors and another one endorsed by PTA. Here's an article that explains it:

Either way, prepare for a lot of doomsday commercials starting soon and running through November.

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