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Recess is important also!


Catelile June 29, 2012

I have read very good comments about St. Pius X Catholic, St Philips and St Patrick. I would like to know if these schools have recess for 8 graders.Thank you

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MagnetMom July 1, 2012

Hi Catelile,

Since GreatSchools is a nationwide parent community, it's hard to know where these three schools are located.

I agree recess is important--but generally by middle school it's called nutrition.

My suggestion would be to call the schools directly and ask to see their daily schedule. You might even be able to see it on their websites. Typically students would go to perhaps 2-hour long classes, have nutrition, two more classes, have lunch, and two more at the end of the day. If they are on a block schedule, they'd go one class, have nutrition, another and have lunch, and a third after lunch. It just depends on the school.

Good luck.


Catelile July 1, 2012

Hello MagnetMom, I will call, thanks for your advice.


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