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Understanding Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-4th Editions


lilmissbecky98 July 6, 2012

With the contradicting things in this report I was wonder rather the majority pointed towards good or bad.

Verbal Comprehension-116
Perceptual Reasoning-92
Working Memory-83
Processing speed-132

A couple lines of things I found odd-
"Her PSI score was higher than her PRI and WMI. These differences were noted in approximately 1% of the normative sample."
"Her overall cognitive, as evaluated by the WISC-IV, can not easily be summarized because her verbal reasoning abilities are much better developed than her nonverbal reasoning abilities. Rebecca's percentile ranks on the WJ-III from 37 to 100, a feature rarely ever seen."
"Rebecca's unique set of thinking and reasoning abilities make her overall intellectual functioning difficult to summarize by a single score on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children."

Rebecca's scores follow:
Broad Reading-121
Broad Math-100
Academic skills-113
Academic Application-109
Letter Word Identification-105
Applied Problems-103
Passage Comprehension-126
Writing Samples-138
Reading Fluency-133
Math Fluency-103

With the big gaps in certain things will this be a draw back or limit her? Is the 1% normative bad?

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