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srtrmt July 14, 2012

Hi, I may be relocating to the San Antonio area. I have been looking at a couple of homes around the Pipe Creek area. I am not at all familiar with Texas and this will be a hasty move in a short timeframe. Any advice on schools? My son is an academic dream and already scored a 24 on the ACT at 12. I want a school that can help him grow but also has sports etc. he runs cross country and plays football.

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price01 July 19, 2012

Well the best thing I find when you are relocating is to google the area, look at the map view and sattlite view, go to their news page, research the school by google as well as pulling up the school website. Now that we have computers we can do anything. you will find alot of info in the news paper about the school. You can learn if they have a good football team and most news papers post student achivements. I hope this helps.


heidigoesdef July 22, 2012

We just moved out of the New Braunfels area after living there for 6 years. NBISD is an "ok" school district. High school football seems to be a big thing. My son went to school in the NBISD school district K-part of 5th. He seems to think the school district we live in now (Dallas area) has a ton more to offer and he is getting a better education. I would definately do TONS of research and get ready for TONS of allergies!!!!!! Get a good allergist! Good luck!

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