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madelin99 July 29, 2012

I need help finding a good Middle School in El Paso Texas we are Military and live on post and the school that my girl would have to attend is not good and I cant get her in another school outside of district because of where we live and they aren't excepting students....So now its private schools or home schools and help would be great thank you.

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snowrat August 1, 2012

One friend said: I don't have any kids that age thank goodness. Some people do put their kids in public school and do just fine, but others prefer to home school. Texas is a good state for home schooling with many groups to support. Txas also offers the k12 online public school which is affordable homeschooling option.

Another replied: We really like Northeast Christian Academy (private) otherwise I would continue to homeschool using abeka curriculum. There is a phenomenal selection of home schooling groups and support here. Some ahve had great things to say about the ysletta school district versus el paso district and ysletta is much smaller.

Let me know if you have other questions...


snowrat July 31, 2012

Hey there, I just spent six months in El Paso, so I'm checking with my friends there and I'll let you know in the next couple of days. I know a few of them use online classes, but I'll give you the scoop when I hear more.

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