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Online school for 8th grade?


basil17 September 12, 2012

Does anyone have any experience with online schooling for middle school? Do kids do the work and retain the information? Will it get them prepared for college? My husband is home during the day but I am the one who is charge of her education. I work FT. My daughter is well behaved and an okay student. She just doesn't do well in large schools with too much stimulation. She isn't very social either. I can't afford private school and there aren't any smaller charter schools available locally. Thank you in advance.

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MagnetMom September 13, 2012

Hi basil17,

You have touched on many of the pros and cons of online school. Your daughter will be home during the day and required to work independently. Thankfully your husband is home, so that will help keep her focused.

She'll be accountable to the teacher and the school so you won't have to be the bad guy. But of course, you and your husband will want her to do well.

You will have to work harder in terms of keeping her engaged socially and if she is already not too social it will be all the more important she attends the field trips and group gatherings that the online school provides in your area.

Kids who attend online school do indeed do well and go to college, provided they do the work. Make sure this is a decision your daughter wants as well.

Good luck.


kel123 September 23, 2012

We decided to do an on-line school for our daughter for 7th and 8th grade (her current grade). She had been in a small private school that we could no longer afford. She was the one interested in doing the schooling from home and it has worked for us. She is very self motivated and a great student. The work load has been more rigorous then we expected but she probably only spends on average 4 to 5 hours a day doing all of her work. She likes being able to have all her school work done before all of her extra curricular activities--dance, voice lessons and musical theater. We are still waiting to see the results of her standardized tests to see how much she is actually retaining but she does seem to be learning and is staying engaged in the process. She is very social and being home hasn't been an issue for her. We do have plans to apply to a performing arts program for high school so not planning to continue the on-line school for high school. As far as my role, I merely check her off-line work for grading purposes every day or two and make sure she is staying on track with her assignments. There is a "homeroom" teacher that worked with us to get started and is available to help along the way.


NAlicia September 24, 2012

My daughter is in the 8th grade and doing online school this year. We have a similar dilemma as she is easily disrupted but in a quiet environment she is incredibly focused and driven so I had an idea that she would do well. I had her take an online math over the summer under the guise that she hadn't done well in that math class last year. I am sure she was on to me but the point was proven any way. She did well. I think you have to know that your child is the type who will be accountable. The great benefit is that you can monitor VERY closely without you're child knowing. The work is straight forward and there is plenty of FREE tutoring and other resources are available such as a virtual classroom study, one on one with the teacher, etc. The teachers are held accountable for doing their part as well.
As far as what she does socially she loves sports and she is working out a deal to trade work on a farm for horse riding lessons. Dad works from home and I work part time although I am the main parent in charge of her education. When we travel she goes with us. When she isn't well she takes it easy. So far we love it and who knows when or if she will go back to traditional school! Good luck!


tpriol September 24, 2012

Online school is going to be the wave of the future. It is an excellent idea for a child who is self-motivated. Unfortunately, my son was not and it was hard to follow-up on a teenage boy who is in denial about being motivated. Sometimes he would not do his best with assisgnments and he was a big procrastinator. I think if I had of had the opportunity for an online school experience before he became a teenager (say 10-12) it may have worked for him because he would have had that foundation to be self-motivated. As far as the social aspect I think it is overated. A lot of the online schools have opportunities to connect outside of the class and as a parent you can put her in outside activities where she will develop friendships. It is an excellent that your husband will be home during the day. Some online schools are paid for by the state. One of the ones that I inquired is called Connection Academy.


Love2see September 24, 2012

My granddaughter was schooled on-line and graduated early (16 years old). She then went on to higher education. She was very self motivated. My daughter was a great motivator in all aspects of the on-line education. She took my granddaughter on day trips on one Saturday a month to a historical place or zoo or science fair etc. She was sure to make it fun for the family. She also interacted with people of all ages and cultures through visiting our workplaces, going on home school educational trips (ex: Sturbridge Village in MA . Her mother took her and I went along. We all shared in the activities. What a Great time we had!)
She learned to do volunteer work with the family too. As she got closer to High School, my daughter took her to Queens College where she could audit some of my daughter's classes. Amazing results! The thing is, no matter if it is online or class, you must be involved and excited about what they are learning.

My grandsons (different parents) are now in elementary and middle school grades. They moved so went from a blue ribbon school to a school with a larger population and a "5" rating. It was a culture shock and they tend to get bored. So we are encouraging challenges from online and from past friends.

We recently learned about "KAHN ACADEMY" on-line, free education. (Bill Gates uses it too!) It can test their knowledge and show them how to do things. It is a great tutor!

We encourage them to go at their own speed. Whatever you decide, as long as they have a loving supportive environment and positive communication, they will thrive.

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