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hausof4 September 13, 2012

At our private Middle School the faculty decided too many students made the high honor roll last year (3.75gpa)and decided instead of strengthening the curriculum to change the honor roll to 3.9gpa. A student's lowest grade possible would be one A-, all remaining grades would have to be straight A. In my opinion this is an unreasonable expectations. Especially, given the overall philosophy the school. What is your opinion?

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MagnetMom September 14, 2012

Hi hausof4,

Are there different levels of honor roll? In college it's common to have cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude. Many schools have different levels of honor roll starting at 3.0 and going much higher.

A 3.75 would be 5 As and one B, which certainly seems feasible.

If you have concerns about the way the program was implemented, contact your principal and perhaps attend a school site council meeting. Talking to other parents who feel as you do, and bringing them to the meeting will help. Good luck.


TeacherParent September 14, 2012

Schools often tinker around with such things. Schools are under great pressure to not have 'grade inflation' while at the same time being told 'every child must succeed'. Those are contradictions of each other - it's bizarre but true. If all your students do well - as 'No Child Left Behind' wants, then you're told 'Your grades are inflated." And "We can't have so many kids on the honor roll."

At least in your case, they're not telling teachers to 'grade harder' or "make sure 1/2 your students don't have higher than a 'B' - I've been told that. Your school is just restricting the honor roll, not restricting overall success.

If everybody makes the honor roll, parents and teachers both start to complain that honor roll has no meaning. The problem is that culturally in the U.S. we don't believe success to be valid unless there's also failure. Unless somebody fails or does poorly, no one believes success is really valid.

Maybe suggest to the school that they have a "Highest Honor Roll" and just an "Honor Roll".

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