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Best Middle School for A.D.D.


jamurphy September 17, 2012

My son has A.D.D., which, in his case, is simply focus/inattention issues. He is typically an "A" student and has made honor roll his entire school life, but it is not always easy for him due to the A.D.D.
In addition to the focus challenges, he is often made to feel "different" by the other kids because of his overactive imagination and creativity. He is a goofy, fun loving kid who does not go with the crowd and he is ostracized for that and has a hard time making friends.
Given all that, I'd love to hear from people with similar experiences and learn which middle school you all think would be most appropriate.
He will be in the Sarasota Middle School district. He has also had to deal with teachers who feel it's appropriate to humiliate kids in front of the class when they're not paying attention, and this is extremely harmful to a child with A.D.D., so I don't want him in a school where the teachers make fun of the students. Please give me any advice you can. Thanks.

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MagnetMom September 17, 2012

Hi jamurphy.

It definitely sounds like your son has been through the ringer.

One place you can start is here:

Type in the zip code, and sort for middle schools. You'll be able to read parent reviews and narrow down your choices. Make sure you tour the schools and ask to speak to the Special Ed coordinator and get the plan in place that's applicable to your son, whether that's an IEP or a 504.

Good luck, and let us know what happens.

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