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lingering health issues


housekeeper95 October 11, 2012

Our daughter has always attended our local Catholic elementary school up til now as a middle schooler/7th grader. Unfortunately, she has faced some serious health issues as of latter last year and into now. I am concerned about her lack of attendance at her Catholic school. Would transferring her into a public school benefit her better? I feel she needs special assistance w/school work.

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TeacherParent October 11, 2012

Lengthy absences from school for any reason including medical reasons pose a challenge to a student's ability to be successful in school. In my state, if a child has medically valid reasons to be absent from school for a certain length of time, a home tutor is sent to the house a few times a week. The public schools in my state are obligated to do the same for children enrolled in the non-public schools.

So here your daughter would be entitled to a home tutor - is that not the case in your state? If it's not and you believe your daughter's absences will continue, perhaps it would be better to enroll her in public school to receive the benefit of a district provided tutor.

It might be best to inquire of your 'Intermediate Unit' or local school district as to what services are provided to children absent from school for medical reasons.


jessiscott October 21, 2012

Unless it's a really good public school, I wouldn't do that unless she qualifies for a special education type program. My son's classmate had walking pneumonia, and was out 6 weeks or so. The school sent a tutor, (a really nice tutor/retired teacher) but the tutor had a hard time getting the teacher to give the assignments, and when the boy returned, there were a lot of things he had missed.

You might try an online school until she's well enough to go back. This assumes that someone is home to work with her. We're pretty happy with the K-12 online school for our state and I know that there are lots of public online schools in each state. They give you a specific set of assignments for each day, and the work can be spread out over 7 days, so there's less per day, or you can make each day longer and catch up on days that she's feeling well.

Honestly, you have to ask her how much she's remembering if she's feeling horrible while trying to learn. The work at that age isn't simple and it's hard to concentrate if you feel ill.


tommytucker October 21, 2012

Both my kids when they were freshmen in high school and my boy was a junior went on the school district program called "Home Hospital", the teachers come to your home for a compact session to keep your child working at the same level and his/her classmates in a condensed lessons a couple times a week. My childen not only stayed current they excelled in their grades because they were able to be home when they didn't feel well and see their teachers while still in their pj's if needed. Home Hospital is a free stay enrolled in school program while you face health issues. talk to your school district for options.

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