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High Functioning Autistic Spectrum children


WolfLoverMom November 5, 2012

I have a 13yr old daughter who we had to pull from public schools due to bullying because she was different not only from other students but from her very own teacher!...she has multiple issues, she doesnt make friends easily and has trust issues, and has a 504. When we pulled her two years ago from public schools the school district allowed a teacher to come to our home for homeschooling...but it was only for 4hrs a week..which isnt much time..she has problems with processing information so things like math are hard for her..I dont feel she is getting the education she will need, and so i searched for a charter school with a smaller class size and who could help her more one on one than a main stream class in public school settings. I found one (which I searched forever to find one that had openings)..She loved the school and the class size but the class consisted of 11 boys and only 2 girls..which after a bit we realized most of the boys had issues with conduct and bullying others within the class mainly the girls..Her teacher was hired the day before school started and she loved his way of teaching but the principal of the school took over his classroom and wanted to show him how to teach a different way..this did not go very well at all as when the principal was done the students refused to follow the teachers rules ...i feel it undermind his authority to his students( the ones he has been having issues with that is) and the classroom was so ciotic from the moment my daughter got there till I picked her up daily..she has issues with loud sounds so it was almost impossible for her to retain any kind of learning after only teaching for two and a half months the teacher resigned his position throwing the classroom into more caios due to no teacher and only temp subs within the school itself to try and teach these became all too much for my daughter she started having meltdowns and the school she loved she did not want to go back to..she didn't feel she could learn in those kind of conditions and I agree..She had to take classroom work to the office just to do it due to the outragious conduct of the major part of her classmates. I am now once again searching for a school..My daughter is a high functioning Autistic child and has been told she is gifted but no where to go due to her past experiences in now both public school and charter school settings..I am a single mom, who only has a 9th grade education myself so I am limited as to what I can help my child with. We live in the PV school district #69 and am limited as I live on SSI..if anyone has any suggestions please help me find a school or a program to help my child..she has not attended any school since leaving and its the law she must attend some kind of school immediately..thank you for all you help ..

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WolfLoverMom November 5, 2012

I forgot to say I live in Phoenix, Arizona...........


TeacherParent November 8, 2012

If you must enroll her immediately - doesn't Phoenix have some online schools? Many public schools these days provide online alternatives. Perhaps eventually you could find the perfect school for her but if they are insisting you enroll her immediately and you haven't found a school, an online school might be a viable alternative for a while.

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