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We will be moving into the are and my son has an IEP from out of state. What middle school is most likely best equipped to d...


CLLara November 17, 2012

Iam concerned about finding a good school to deal with my son and. He is very bright but has some learning issues which can be dealt with in his IEP. CA has been a fight one year good one bad. I am looking for a school where he can have consistence and get the education he needs and deserves.

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MagnetMom November 17, 2012

Hi CLLara,

You've posted on a nationwide message board. It's difficult to know which area you'll be moving to.

With more information, hopefully you can get better answers.

For now, start here:

Pay special attention to the parent reviews as they will provide plenty of info from parents with kids on IEPs and how they feel they're treated.

Good luck.

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