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derrickbeal December 30, 2012

Hi, my son is starting middle school and was diagnosed ADHD. I am looking for a middle school in the Bronx or Manhattan that can accommodate his needs in a special education setting.

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abigates January 9, 2013

Why do you want a special education setting for an ADHD diagnosis? Diagnosis does not mean child needs to be in a special-ed placement. If you want your child in sp-ed, your child will likely be pulled from the regular education classroom to a smaller group setting which typically has kids at much lower levels due to special education needs. A child w/ adhd can often be serviced in the regular ed. room provided child is on needed meds to remain focused. WHen kids are pulled for sp.ed. they often fall further behind as they miss out on much of the regular ed teaching/learning. I would try to keep your child in class.

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