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Best middle schools around San Mateo, CA area


kbtoca January 23, 2013

Hi All

I am moving into the bay area (will be working in San Mateo, CA). Looking for suggestions on which areas have the best middle schools (including all nearby commutable cities). Can you please help me with some suggestions and experiences?

Thanks in advance

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kbtoca January 26, 2013

Hi MagnetMom

Thanks a lot. Will check the links you provided.



MagnetMom January 24, 2013

Hi kbtoca, and welcome to the Great Schools Parent Community.

You might want to check out the San Francisco Parent Community

or even the San Jose Community located here:

But definitely speak to the HR department where you'll be working and ask them to match you up with coworkers with children your kids' ages. And don't be afraid to talk to a real estate professional, because they're well aware of commute times, neighborhood amenities, and the housing options at each price range within each school district.

Good luck, and let us know what happens.

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