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Lancaster Christian Academy: Smyrna Tennessee


Dylangrant1 October 6, 2013

While I would like to say some of the comments regarding LCA are of a negative nature, frankly we have "not," seen nor experienced such!! As we were prayerfully seeking a reputable, private Christian School education for our particular child, after numerous reviews, consults, interviews, etc . . . LCA was the "answer," to our prayers!! The Lord certainly moved us in the right direction, without doubt, our child feels truly Blessed, as do we. Never have we, personally, felt such a connection and comfort zone, which we now have daily as our child is being dropped off with the most competent staff, whom are loving, caring, and Christian individuals. This is our first year at LCA, which has been virtually nothing short of a true miracle to our family. Thank you to every staff member at Lancaster Christian Academy for making his Christian Education possible. . . we are literally stand AMAZED, and are most humbled to a part of such a magnificent Godly family. Our child's grades are merely a reflection of his accountability as well as challenging . . . however we are seeing his potential soar, frankly the knowledgeable and constant professional instruction is in our opinion, unsurpassable!! Blessings to all the staff, administrators, and faculty ... we are most impressed and feel extremely Blessed. "Thank you LCA!"

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