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Skipped My Child in 4th Grade and Now Want to Hold Back in 7th


shtolinka December 28, 2013

My daughter was skipped in 4th grade as she tested high in gifted range and was ready for it. Problem is that now she is in 7th and I feel although she looks like the other kids physically and has lots of friends, she is now a very average student. We are moving and I am considering placing her back in the grade she would be in to give her academic advantage. What do you think about this? PS- she is a Feb. would be right in middle of grade.

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TeacherParent December 30, 2013

A little more information could be helpful - when she skipped into 5th grade, was that a difficult transition for her? When did her grades slip into the 'average range' - 5th? 6th? Was it a rapid slip or did it happen gradually over the years?

Another question is - why is she doing average work? A gifted child is always gifted - she can't have become 'average' in how her mind works.

What do her teachers say? Is she doing her homework? Is her homework and classwork done well? Does she seem to understand the concepts she's being taught? How are her marks on tests?

I'm trying to find out what area or areas are giving her difficulty. If a student earns average grades because they don't turn in homework, dropping them back a grade isn't likely to change much - unless there's no homework in the lower grade.

Are her grades average across the board or is it some subjects more than others?

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