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having trouble


user5561704 May 20, 2014

i really dont get social studies

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TeacherParent May 21, 2014

I've taught Social Studies for years. We call it Social Studies but it's usually a history class. Any history - ancient history, U.S. History - if it's Middle School or elementary school we call it Social Studies.
What makes it hard - besides the teacher - is that it's filled with lots of little details that aren't easy to remember on tests. Many Social Studies classes are just reading from a textbook, taking notes, memorizing what's in the notes and taking a test. And writing papers with bibliographies and lots of warnings about plagiarism.
It's a shame because history is a rich story that's true. Textbooks are deadly full but history itself is exciting. Sadly Social Studies usually puts the emphasis on the details not on the exciting realities of history.
To do better in a Social Studies class, it helps to be a good reader and good writer and a good memorizer. Teachers and parents like to say "Try harder!" but how do you 'try harder' to memorize? Do you put your head closer to the page? Do you concentrate more or mumble the words aloud while you study?

No one usually has an answer to that... And I couldn't make good suggestions to help you without knowing more about the class. Is there a lot of homework? Is it more than you can get done? Is it that the tests are very hard?
In general if you can try to see Social Studies like a person's life - that can help. Think of a nation or ancient country like a person. It has a beginning, it's born, it grows up, it gets a job (sort of), it has arguments and fights with other counties like neighbors argue sometimes, it does some good things and usually some bad things too and then it gets old. Sometimes the country stays well but almost always a country like a person has problems.
I hope that helps.

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