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We are relocating to Aiken, SC


alvaradoandrea September 17, 2008

We will be relocating in 6 weeks and would like some advice on the middle schools in the Aiken, North Augusta area. We have a 7th grade son. Do any of the schools there offer a Gifted Program? We are totally unfamiliar with the area, any info is greatly appreciated.


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Starr1258 December 15, 2009

I don't know where you came from originally and what school your son attended before but I'll try to answer this question.
Be dilligent...YOU are your chlds advocate in his educational experience. Check the great school site everyday for school comparisons. Make phone calls, visit websites and physically visit schools.
The education your child will receive here in SC will in no way compare to other more educated parts of the country. Recognize that fact first an then proceed cautiosly with choosing a school. Just because a school may be private, doesn't make it good. If I had to go private, and could afford it, I'd choose Aiken Prep for my child as it challenges students at every curve. My daughter is a gifted student who has not had a committed gifted teacher in the 4 years I've ben here. We're leaving the area. Good luck


alvaradoandrea December 19, 2009

Thank you for your response. We've been in the area for a year now and my son has attended 2 schools. When we first arrived he attended Schofield Middle School, here he was not even given the opportunity to be enrolled in the GT Program even though we presented all his test scores from his prior school. We lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This year he is attending Kennedy Middle School. My son was in a special Math program in FL and is ahead one year. Now that he is in 8th grade Schfield was not able to coordinate for him to take his Geometry class at Aiken High School and would have to retake Algebra at SMS. We enrolled him in Kennedy and they allowed him to take his Geometry class in South Aiken High School and also put him in the GT program. I was even willing to drive him to and from AHS bask to SMS but this was not possible. So far I have had a very good experience with KMS and all their staff member have always been very kind and helpful. Thanks again for all your advice.

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