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Anonymous September 18, 2008

Hi Can anyone give me some good advice about George Fox Middle School in Pasadena. My girls are in private school now and will be going to public next school year. I have heard several things about this school, good and bad...

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laura1967 September 18, 2008

This is a national web-sight, although someone, may recognize your question,- you may want to check the "LOCAL SECTION" also...but please, you are welcome to stay..


rayjoiner January 14, 2010

You really need to specify the state. There are cities named Pasadena in several states, the best known being in California. I have been in Pasadena, California for 38 years and have never heard of a George Fox Middle School, nor is there one listed in the phone book. I suspect you are not talking about Pasadena, California.

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