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school security shouldn't everyone be ID when coming to pick a child up during school period?


ejs1958 October 1, 2008

Ok i went to the school to pick my child up for an appointment and I was never asked for a ID or anything and these people don't know me and I don't know them she is a 6th grader? do they not ask any questions any more about who is picking up a child?

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activa October 1, 2008

in my experience, every single time i went to school , i had to sign up and show my ID. At schools it's A must and you should mentioned it to the school office and if no result, you should wright to your county school board. It's your child safety!


Winetuscany October 1, 2008

Check your schools policy. I always met the parents, guardians, grandparents, aunts and uncles, older siblings. They had to show me ID also all children being picked up had to stand behind me. They were sent to the parent etc I recognized. If there was a problem the child was brought back inside and everything taken care of. Better to be safe than sorry.


odachimaster October 1, 2008

it is mandatory where I live if you are not on this students list to allow pick-up the student is not released.


buckaroo October 1, 2008

My kids school always knew me so I don't think I've ever needed ID.


ejs1958 October 2, 2008

what I am saying is, you fill out a sheet of people that are allowed to pick up your child, and there could be a lot of people that I have met that I wouldn't't want my daughter to go with but she would be able to because they do not check a list or anything. I just feel this day and time if a child is checked out early from school the person should be ID and even a copy of the ID kept in a file. This day and time you never know.Some of your family friends could be your worse


odachimaster October 2, 2008

The schools are required to check the list and ID if they do not know them from previous times but they have to check the list each time as parents/guardians can come in and change it Parents/guardians can not call in changes they have to come to the school to do it.


debrasuefitzge October 19, 2008

i think all schools should ask to see ids when picking up your kids for your childs safety.


blacklion October 28, 2008

That was probably pretty lax on their regard. I'm sure if you just mention it to them, they will beef up security better. In my son's school we are all supposed to wear tags (and occasionally they chase me down for forgetting mine) but the reality is that anyone can swipe a tag and come and go as they please. It is also a reality that any type of security is extremely hard to maintain. They may have your name on the 'acceptable list' but once your kid is in the afterschool spot, the person in charge there has to basically know who is on everyone's acceptable list. It is easier for teachers to just learn the kids in their class, but once your child moves into the general populace areas afterschool, maintaining security becomes like the airport security lines. They could have each person come and go through the verification process but that takes time. Another downside is that people tend to get lazy and rely on others too much. If the list can't be found, or the computer glitches and says no, then what? Some students (or even adults) would rather cover their own butts then actually go and research the problem. Unfortunately, I know when I'm running to pick up my kids, the last thing I want is to wait on another line. In the end, some security gets sacrificed for convenience.


trooper October 30, 2008

I think this would be a good question to pose to the principal!


debrasuefitzge October 30, 2008

i agree with you trooper,thats somthing the principal should my childs school they do ask for id .they say its for the protection of your child.they also make you get a visters pass before you enter the school.even if you want to eat lunch with your child you have to have a pass.

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