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school security shouldn't everyone be ID when coming to pick a child up during school period?


ejs1958 October 1, 2008

Ok i went to the school to pick my child up for an appointment and I was never asked for a ID or anything and these people don't know me and I don't know them she is a 6th grader? do they not ask any questions any more about who is picking up a child?

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kimberly7478 November 16, 2008

yes they should. my son is in the 7th grade and my father in law went to the school and ask q. about my son. and guess what the gave him the info


mommy1970 December 12, 2009

The child development center both my children attend recently installed a security device. The only way parents can get into the building is by entering a pin. The complete facility is locked down. Love it!


briandohara July 15, 2010

Check out and go to the tab schools and look into their FREE campus security software offered to schools. Again, it is free and when I spoke with my area Program Director they told me that this software is in over ten thousand schools. I really enjoy the peace of mind when I visit my son's school and have to check in through this and it snaps my pic and gives me a visitor badge. Simple and worth looking into!


Minimee97 July 20, 2010

At my school, you have to sign in and show your ID.

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