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Is it a normal procedure for a teacher to count getting a permission slip signed as a grade?


Survivor1971 October 10, 2008

My daughter is in the middle school band. Her class was planning a trip to play for the high school football game. The teacher told the students they needed to have the form signed and turned in before going. I do realized this is important, but should it count as a failing grade if not turned in? I spoke with the teacher that day giving my daughter verbal permission to go on the trip and the teacher let her go, but gave her a 50 on her grades. Is this a normal procedure? I realized that if it were homework relating to her instrument and it wasn't turned it that it would affect her grade, but this was a permission slip.


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sunshine69 October 10, 2008

This is crazy. Especially if you had spoken to the teacher directly and then he/she only gave her a 50. The only reason I can think of why the teacher would do this is to make sure that all the students would get their permission slips turned in and on time before the game so that there would be no confusion on who was going to be able to attend.


laura1967 October 16, 2008

My son, was in a public school band and yes, it is sad to say---but "YES", it works that way--I am so done, with public, school....


trooper November 5, 2008

Often teachers consider permission slips as a homework assignment grade. Apparently - this was a homework assignment. Usually in the beginning of the year, teachers provide a grading rubric, which is signed by both the student and parent. If you signed one, go back and check - you might have been informed.


Yecats November 12, 2008

I think the reason the teacher made it homework and graded was to ensure that he knew who was going or not. It teaches the children RESPONSIBILITY. I guess my question is did your daughter forget to give it to you because you spoke to the teacher on the day of the trip? How long did she have to hand it over to you? This is exactly what the teacher was attempting to avoid (confusion on the day of the trip) and trying to teach and possibly what you allowed. "It's okay to forget" At some point our children need to be accountable and responsible. Does it stink that she got a 50? Yes, does it teach her a valuable lesson for the future (before HS when grades really matter?)...YES.


sunshine69 February 9, 2009

Yecats, I think your response is correct. We, including me, are so quick to want to defend our kids that sometimes we don't see the teachers side or the lesson of the situation.

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