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Gay parented family friendly schools in St Paul


bekahrondac April 21, 2010

We are a two mom family moving to St Paul from Britain with an early elementary aged child and a pre-schooler. Can anyone recommend a school? Are there any gay-parented families/ gay friendly families out there that can recommend either: a) schools that have gay-parented families in the west side of St Paul (partner will be working on the East Bank of the U of M campus)or b) schools where our family will be embraced and my children will experience their family's make-up in the school library/ examples by teachers/curriculum (ie. two mom/dad stories read by the teacher in story time).

Any information would be very appreciated.


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MagnetMom April 22, 2010

Hi bekahrondac, and welcome to the Minneapolis Community on GreatSchools.

Have you contacted PFLAG in St. Paul/Minneapolis? They seem to have resources listed here:

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