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Hello! can anybody say me how is the Tesseract schoole in Eagan, Minneapolis?


anannyabanga August 5, 2009

My daughter is a preschool. She is in a school right where they donot have much extracurricular activities but playing only. The Tesseract school says that it has a very strong academic program. HAs anybody experience being there? Looking forward for some suggestions if it is really worth getting into Tesseract School as it is quiet far from our place about 16 miles and I have to travel 4 times 16 miles. But I can afford to do that if is really worth.

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myra2009 September 8, 2009

hi anannyabanga :)

I dont' know about Tesseract Pre-school, so I can't say anything on that; However, a many pre-schools focus on "learning through play". I have also found that asking the pre-school for their schedules helps you get an insight into what their daily routines are like etc.

why not look at pre-schools within a 10 mile radius from the area you live or work?

Hope this helps!



bethanyk March 8, 2010

We joined Tesseract this past Fall for kindergarten for our son. We love it. The teachers are amazing. We're excited that our daughter is going to start pre-school this coming fall. We really like the experience - - Spanish, Music, Phy. Ed, Art is included for all grades.


LiliaSt March 16, 2010

We have been with Tesseract since end of 2006 and have 2 children there still. The classes at Tesseract are small, program is strong, kids get a lot of one-on-one attention and are learning fast. I'd give them a call and get a tour. It was the tour that sealed the deal for us. Good luck with your choice.

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